(WFSB) - The chair of the state's Republican party has asked a controversial congressional candidate to end his campaign.

CT GOP Chair J.R. Romano posted a statement about candidate Rob Hyde to Twitter.

"I have asked Rob Hyde to end his bid for Congress," Romano wrote. "His campaign is a distraction for the Democrats to raise money and falsely label all Republicans with his antics. In my view he is not helping other Republican candidates or [President Donald Trump] win."

The post came after reports that Hyde may have been communicating through texts with a man who played a role in scandal involving Trump and Ukraine.

The House Intelligence Committee released messages on Tuesday night. They're from the phone of Lev Parnas, who is an associate of President Donald Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

Parnas is accused of pressuring Ukraine to investigate former vice president and Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden.

Parnas was indicted on campaign finance charges back in October.

The texts show that Hyde seemed to be monitoring former U.S. ambassador Marie Yovanovitch and attempts to make a financial deal.

Channel 3 reached out to Hyde but has not heard back, however he's expected to make a comment at 7 p.m. on Wednesday.

Yovanovitch's attorney is calling for an investigation.

Hyde is one of five Republican candidates looking to unseat Democratic incumbent Rep. Jahana Hayes in Connecticut's 5th District. 

He has also come under fire for comments he's made on his Twitter page.

On Tuesday, he sent out a tweet calling the Senate majority leader "Adam Bull Schiff."

"This man has come out and said some of the worst things people can say about women, and how he's hooked himself into the Ukraine with what the President is doing. It's obnoxious," said Nancy Wyman, of the Connecticut Democratic Party.

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Brian C. Duffy

Stay in the race Rob. The future of the GOP depends on great statesmen as you, Donald Trump, Vince Vaughn, and Caitlyn Jenner.

Brian Duffy



Of course the RINO in"charge" of the CT GOP would do this. No proof of anything


This man has no business running for public office. Complaining about paying $94/week in child support. If you check his records, he was in arrears for 20 months-so he paid no child support for 20 months for his son that he "loves". I have friends in common with him, and have seen him out and about, though I do not know him personally, and I concede that. I do know that he has a small yacht, many high end "toys", including expensive vehicles. So, he could continue his wannabe playboy lifestyle AND donate huge sums of money to Trump, but couldn't spare $94/week for his own son?? Hmmm, something is off with that. Again, I do not know him, but my understanding is that he is a loose cannon. My friends who boat say he has been banned from several marinas for bad behavior. I'd love a good conservative candidate in Ct, but this guys reputation is not good at all. So bad in fact, that it scares me people are buying into his "campaign". I looked up his fb page this am, talking negative about his "loved" son's mom, who from what I understand, raised the boy alone, is not a good example or look. Perhaps if hed paid his whopping $94/week obligation, none of this would have come out in the first place. Seems like just another "father" using his poor child as a platform for family court reform. The stories Ive heard about this guy actually scare me. I hope people take a serious look at this guys history, and aren't fooled by the facade he's trying to create. Ask around in the Farmington Valley, and Google him- this guy is a sham

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