Groups here in Connecticut are stepping up to help with the Afghanistan evacuation.

Five families have already relocated to Connecticut, but the calls for help keep pouring in.

We won’t really know until the evacuation is completed, but integrated refugee and immigrant services said they’ve been told to get ready for 700 families in Connecticut over the next 12 months.

Locals help Afghan's escape

They’ve helped a total of roughly 500 afghan families relocate to Connecticut over the last five years.

Of course no knows for sure how many people are trying to get out of Afghanistan before the deadline of August 31st.

This was already a humanitarian crisis, but yesterday’s terrorist attacks by ISIS have made things even more dire.

Senator Richard Blumenthal said his office has received 300 calls for help.

Some of those are letting the State Department know about people looking to get out, but others are people looking for help getting through Taliban checkpoints and to the airport.

He’s using veterans to help relay those messages to active duty troops.

The calls involve American citizens and Afghans who helped our troops, interpreters, drivers and other allies. Meanwhile IRIS said they’re trying to help 11 Afghan families who are legal residents of the U.S., but who wanted to go back one last time before the Taliban or some other group took over. They didn’t expect the government to fall this quickly, and now they need help getting out.

“We’ve dealt with countless examples of American citizens, afghans interrupters, translators, guards, drivers who stood by our troops and helped us save their lives. We have a moral imperative here,” said Blumenthal.

Chris George, Executive Director, Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services (IRIS) said, “We’re going to be settling most of the refugees in the New Haven and Hartford area, but we’d love to be able to spread some around the state with this model.”

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