(WFSB) - Hard to believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow, for many that day is known for food, family, or football.

But for several businesses around Connecticut, that is a day devoted to serving and often times giving back to the community.

At Paugassett Hook and Ladder Company in Derby, volunteers aren’t fighting fires instead they’re turning up the heat in the kitchen

Linda Goodman volunteers with the Paugassett Hook and Ladder Company.

She said, “in total we have cooked, prepared, and delivered over 600 meals, between Thanksgiving and Christmas over the past 6 years”

Linda Goodman with the Hook and Ladder Company says that normally folks see fire fighters during less-than-ideal circumstances, so she’s grateful for the opportunity to share a happy moment.

“The chance to actually see them in a positive way is very gratifying to all of us,” said Goodman.

Over in Middletown, at the Whey Station, owner Jillian Moskites is sending out her annual Thanksgiving invitation to anyone, and everyone.

“Every Thanksgiving we serve whoever is in need whether they’re lonely, have nowhere to go, whatever the need may be. They’re welcome to come have Thanksgiving with us,” said Moskites.

Moskites says it’s her way of honoring the open-door Thanksgiving tradition started by her late father, who was a minister. “So, this is just a way for me to carry that on, honor his memory, and instead of being sad on Thanksgiving, I love to just love on other people, be the hands and feet of Jesus and show them that they are loved and they are valued.”

The hardworking fierce and female-driven team at Lewis Farm in Southington has been cranking out delicious sweet and savory treats around the clock.

Kaylee Pawlak in an employee at Lewis Farms.

She said, “It’s been even busier this year I think than last year because of COVID, but yeah it’s been really good. Everybody is in good spirits. It seems like we got a lot of great customers here.”

Pawlak says she couldn’t imagine working with a more talented or close-knit group, “it’s all women, pretty much, we all work really well together its nice, it’s like a family here.”

With as many pie options as they offer, Pawlak says it’s impossible not to make everyone happy.

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