HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- Gun control took the center stage at the state capitol on Thursday.

Ethan’s Law, named after a Guilford teen who accidentally shot himself with a gun at his friend’s house, passed the Senate on Thursday.

The bill requires all firearms to be safely stored, loaded or unloaded, in homes with children.

After his death, Ethan's parents, Mike and Kristin Song pushed for legislation in their late son's honor.

"I think he would have been proud, honestly, I don't know if we'd be here today if he was alive," said Emily Song, Ethan's sister. 

Ethan's Law, a bill pioneered by State Rep. Sean Scanlon, passed the House on a bipartisan vote earlier this month.

It was also recently introduced by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro on the federal level.

CT Rep. Rosa DeLauro proposed Ethan's Law on the federal level.

Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy released a statement Thursday saying, “We applaud the passage of Ethan’s Law, a commonsense measure that will save lives -and prevent families across Connecticut from experiencing the kind of tragic loss that Ethan’s family did. Thank you to Representative Sean Scanlon and Senator Christine Cohen for their leadership on this issue. The Connecticut General Assembly has once again shown that it is possible for Democrats and Republicans to come together and pass desperately needed measures to end gun violence. Everywhere we go, people are demanding an end to the senseless gun violence that we have the power to stop. Congress now must follow Connecticut’s lead and pass Ethan’s Law,” said Blumenthal and Murphy.”

On Wednesday night, Actor Paul Rudd posted a video, in support of Ethan's Law.

"As a parent, I really worry when my kids go to somebody's house and they have guns and they're not stored safely," Rudd said. "Regardless of where you stand on the gun issue, I think we can all agree that guns should be stored safely and out of the reach of kids."

CCDL, a Connecticut gun rights group also has its imprint on this law. It requires the Department of Education to develop a firearm safety guide for students. 

""I think it's good that we're at least being listened to, at least on this issue," said Scott Wilson, CCDL president. 

Two Republicans, John Kissel and Rob Smapson, voted against the bill. 

"I think the bill actually went too far and since it was a very minor change from an existing law, I don't know if it'll impact what people do," Sampson said. 

Actor Paul Rudd supported a Connecticut gun safety storage proposal during a social media post.

The Senate also passed two other gun bills. 

One would ban so-called "ghost guns,” which are weapons made with 3D printers.

Another bill would make it illegal to leave guns in an unattended car unless the gun is locked up.

All three bills will go to the governor's desk.

'Ethan's Law' could soon be done on a national level because Rosa DeLauro introduced a similar measure in Congress this week. 

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"Uneducated commenter" remove her and her negative big mouth. Exceptions; no 1st Amendment for the unwise and uneducated.


Another useless law. They don't stop criminals. Teach kids not to steal, that's what happened they stole a gun and played with. It is totally the kids fault and his parents for raising a thief who had no respect for other peoples property.


Are there any useful laws passed by CT so call lawmakers that stop crimes? Example: early release, 3 strike, etc..

Well Educated Liberal

It is useless because the only law that will accomplish anything is an all out ban and confiscation of guns. Ban, confiscate and destroy all firearms, then arrest and lock up every single toothless, bloodthirsty neocon repuke gun owner. Life without parole. From the trailer to the jail cell. Good riddance! #Warren/Harris2020 #HillaryisMYPresident #I'mStillWithHer #neverdrumpf #resist #impeach #LockHimUp #FreedomFromReligion #BanAllGuns

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