WASHINGTON (WFSB) - Connecticut's two senators were in the state to talk about the impacts of the partial government shutdown.

Friday, Sen. Chris Murphy met with TSA workers at Tweed and Bradley International airports. Those workers have been working without pay since Dec. 22.

Murphy called it a security risk.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal met with local brewers to talk about how the shutdown is restricting their ability to grow and add jobs.

Friday marked the 21st day of the shutdown and what should have been pay day for 800 federal employees.

It could be the longest in government history. At the center of it is President Donald Trump's $5.7 billion border wall.

"The president need to reopen the government. I and many of my Democratic colleagues would be happy to talk to him about border security, but we are not going to let these TSA employees, food inspectors and FBI agents be used as hostages in order to get what he wants from Congress," said Murhpy. 

With each day that passes, it becomes more difficult for federal workers, who are either furloughed or forced to work without pay, to make ends meet.

Dennis Amato is an airway transportation system specialist at Tweed New Haven Airport. He is one of the few dozen at Tweed not getting a paycheck as a result of the government shutdown. 

"The younger guys are the ones I'm concerned about because they're living more paycheck to paycheck, young families, childcare, food on the table. They're dedicated employees, work hard every day," said Amato. 

While these employees continue to show up, the airport's Outgoing Executive Director says if they didn't, it would ground air travel. 

""Thankfully, these TSA workers agree to come to work everyday, but the moment they don't come to work, we can't process passengers through here, so traffic stops, it's that simple," said Tim Larson. 

In Washington, Trump said he's considering a national emergency declaration to sidestep Congress and fund the wall.

"I would like to look it broader," Trump said. "I think we can do this quickly, because this is common sense and it's not expensive."

The Senate voted on Thursday night to provide back pay to the impacted workers once the shutdown is over. The House of Representatives is expected to vote on that measure on Friday.

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Thank you President Trump for trying to keep us safe. It's a hard job to do. Unfortunately we have dilution people who think you lie because some corrupt democrat says so. Please keep up the good work. The people of CT appreciate your efforts.


“Just before the government shutdown began, the Senate, led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Republican) overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan bill that would have kept the government open.

The then-Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (Republican) refused to allow the House to even vote on that bill knowing it would likely pass with a veto-proof majority.

For those who might not know, if a president vetoes a bill, if two-thirds of both the House and the Senate vote against that president’s veto, they can override it, thus enacting that bill.

That’s called “checks and balances,” a key component our Founding Fathers put into our Constitution.

Fast forward a few weeks to when Democrats took power in the House of Representatives. They passed essentially the same exact veto-proof bill the Senate had overwhelmingly approved just a couple of weeks earlier that would reopen the government.

Only now, the same Sen. McConnell who let the passage of that bill before, won’t allow the Senate to vote on it — because he knows it would pass, thus forcing Trump to veto it, which would embarrass the party and expose their incompetence.

Keep in mind, this all centers around a lie Trump repeatedly told during his campaign (and even now) that Mexico was going to pay for his wall, a wall he now wants the American taxpayer to fund.

Republicans controlled all of Congress and the White House for the past two years. If funding this wall was such a major issue, they would have done it — they didn’t. Repeatedly, his own party refused to pass spending bills that gave Trump money for that pointless wall.

This isn’t about border security, no matter how many time Trump tells that lie. This is about his ego and his pathetic attempt to distract people from the constantly-growing list of scandals, legal troubles, and embarrassing administration departures he’s been dealing with over the last several weeks.

If our government was functioning how our Founding Fathers meant for it to, our government would have never shut down.

First it was a Republican, Paul Ryan, refusing to let the House vote on the bill the Senate passed. Now it’s hypocritical Sen. Mitch McConnell, a Republican, doing the same thing with the recently-passed House bill.

Two frauds who refused to allow a bill to be voted on to keep the government open/reopen it, not because they opposed it, but because they were afraid it would pass and embarrass their party’s “president.”

This is not how democracy works. This is not how our government is supposed to work.

Donald Trump and the GOP are the only ones to blame for this political stunt.”

AUTHOR: Allen Clifton

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