HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Two Connecticut lawmakers said they will be introducing legislation to ban 3D-printed guns and so-called ghost guns.

Rep. Steve Stafstrom, a Democrat who represents Bridgeport, and Sen. Gary Winfield, a Democrat from New Haven, said they'll be joining colleagues on Friday to announce the bill.

Stafstrom and Winfield are co-chairs of the state's Judiciary Committee.

Both called their new legislation a means to combat gun violence and make communities safer.

Stafstrom and Winfield said they are seeking a ban on 3D-printed guns and ghost guns, which are partially completed weapons that do not meet the federal definition of a firearm and can be sold without background checks or serial numbers.

The lawmakers said both could be sold to anyone, including felons and people with mental illnesses.

Stafstrom and Winfield also said they want to tighten the state's firearm storage laws to require safer storage of weapons in a home and in vehicles.

A final bill would require people who openly carry a firearm to show their gun permit to law enforcement officers, if requested.

The news conference is set for noon at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

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What a waist of tax dollars paying for the salaries of these 2. When will the people start voting out the useless? Oh, you can't do that in CT, the elections are fixed by the state to benefit the Liberal thieves.


more liberal feel-good laws that have no effect on the bad guys. i'm sure the homies are printing up guns that "might" fire one round without breaking you morons.

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