WEST HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - Call it a presidential wish for one man’s bucket list.

A Democratic city councilor in West Haven crossed the aisle, to fulfill her dying brother’s wish of getting President Donald Trump to reach out to him.

Bridgette Hoskie was hoping to put a smile on her baby brother Jay Barrett’s face at a time when he sure could use one.

On Tuesday, that smile was brought to his face. 

Trump made a special call to Barrett, who is dying of cystic fibrosis. Hoskie posted video of it to her Facebook page.

Barrett was able to speak to Trump on the phone and said that a gift would be delivered to him on Saturday. 

Barrett still can't believe the Commander in Chief picked up the phone and gave him call. 

"It was shocking, it was shocking when you're not expecting it," Barrett said. 

Lynn Patton from HUD is going to visit Barrett on Saturday afternoon to deliver an autographed gift from Trump. 

"We'll be in touch, we're sending you a little note, we'll be in touch and thank your sister. And when we get up there, I want to get you up to that rally. I'll have you in the center, right in the middle. You're my kind of guy, you're my kind of man Jay," Trump said to Barrett. "Keep fighting, we're all thinking about you. If you're better, we'd love to have you down here." 

Barrett said he's appreciative of the president taking time out of his schedule to call and tahnkful to his sister and everyone else, who helped put this plan in motion. 

"They're doing me a favor because yeah, time is running out for me. I'm still going to be the same person. It lets you know we still bleed red, we come from the same country. We might have different paths and politics, different ideas, but why can't we just get along," Barrett said.  

This plan started while Barrett was in the hospital. He texted his sister a bucket list with a wish to meet President Trump.

“He was like, ‘we could go to Washington D.C. Could you imagine if the president was out on the lawn?'” Hoskie said.

Hoskie is a Democrat through and through, but knowing her brother is a big fan of the president, she secretly emailed the White House, and then asked friends to do the same.

“It’s a big deal, I got emotional about it,” Hoskie said.

Jay said Patton, who grew up in New Haven and is in the Trump administration, reached out to him on Instagram and then called him Monday night.

“I call her back and she’s like, ‘I’ve got somebody who wants to talk to you on the other line, do you mind?'” Barrett said.

When he picked up the phone he heard “hey Jay, it’s Eric.”

It was the president’s son Eric.

“He sits there and he says, ‘you know I’ve talked to my sister and bother about you, Don, Ivanka, all of them, we’re hoping and praying for you, just keep fighting, don’t ever give up,'” Barrett said.

“It would be a big deal, especially knowing he doesn’t do a lot of this stuff anymore. He’s got a lot stuff on his schedule,” Barrett said.

Another item on his bucket list is to see his beloved Mets on opening day.

But for now, his sister says their goal is to get him to Washington D.C., even if the two couldn’t be more different.

“He’s Coke, I’m Pepsi. He’s Celtics, I’m Bulls. Giants, cowboys. Republican, Democrat,” Hoskie said.

But it’s the bond between brother and sister that, in this case, ‘trumps’ them all.

“Regardless of whatever happens, we are forever thankful and blessed, living out best life,” Hoskie said.

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(4) comments


Jay, good job fighting! Hang in there. New medicine is coming out. I wish to see you in our president’s rally. Thanks for getting the news out. It’s really encouraging to see it.


Another example of just how much President Trump cares for American people. Now I can't wait for the investigation that will be started.

Eyes On The Issues

The trump's are such fantastic people. Take the politics out of it, they go the extra mile with caring about people.


Um, too much Kool-Aid this morning for breakfast.

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