CT mother says Good Samaritan chased down robbery suspect

The robbery happened at a McDonald's in Middletown (WFSB)

It was a frightening trip to a fast food restaurant on Monday for a single mother, when a man snatched her purse and ran off.

The brazen thief grabbed the purse inside a Middletown McDonald’s, but he got quite a surprise when a Good Samaritan ran after him.

"I was shaking and I was crying,” said the victim who only wanted to be identified as Heather.

She was at McDonald’s with her two children, when all of a sudden a man’s arm reached over her and grabbed her purse off the table.

It happened around lunch time inside the McDonald’s on Washington Street.

“I just start screaming, I’m like ‘stop, stop, stop, you have my purse’ and I ran out the door after him,” Heather said. “He just started darting behind buildings and I couldn't catch up with him."

She said she had gone to the ATM the day before and had more than $300 in her purse at the time, meant to pay bills.

Once back inside the restaurant, Heather called her just stolen phone and surprisingly, someone answered. She thought it was the thief.

"It was the manager of McDonald’s and some other gentleman, I think it was the owner of McDonald’s, and they said our worker is with the guy at a hotel down the road,” Heather said. "He chased him behind the buildings and everything to a window and pulled him out of the window and held him there until the police came."

The man was taken into custody.

As for the Good Samaritan who chased after the thief, risking his own to do so, Heather is beyond grateful.

"He's a hero, he really is, he truly is,” Heather said. “It's good people like that that make me think for even things that happen that are bad, there's that one good person that's going to be there for you."

Heather says her 7-year-old son, who has autism, is still shaken up over what happened, but she is thankful that no one was hurt.

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