THOMASTON, CT (WFSB) - One Connecticut mom whose son suffers from a serious medical condition is asking the governor to reconsider a new vaccination rollout.

Ben Mayor

Ben Mayor of Ashford suffers from myositis and hoped to be next in line for the COVID-19 vaccine before Connecticut switched up its vaccine plan.

Sharon Mahoney of Thomaston spoke exclusively to Channel 3 and said she’s building her case one signature at a time.

“This kid since he was 24 goes in and out of the hospitals,” Mahoney explained.

Her son, 29-year-old Ben Mayo of Ashford lives in fear of COVID-19. He's more at risk because his lungs and immune system have been weakened by the muscle disease myositis. Until recently, Ben Mayo had hope that he'd be vaccinated soon.

“We’ve been tracking the days like it’s going to be 10 more days, more like nine days, you know what I mean,” Mahoney said. “He’s really been excited.”

However, Mahoney said the entire family was devastated on Monday when Gov. Ned Lamont announced the next vaccination group will be people over the age of 55 and teachers, instead of people with underlying medical conditions.

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“How could you turn your back on people that are sick? That are young. How could you do that?” Mahoney said.

“How are we going to protect the people that are compromised if we are not vaccinating them and pushing them to the back,” argued Kylie Mayo, Ben Mayor’s younger sister. “We aren’t doing what we need to do.”

Kylie Mayo said she’s frustrated that now people like her brother will essentially pushed to the end of the line for vaccination. Tuesday, her family started a petition on asking Lamont to reconsider.

“I don’t have a union,” Mahoney said. “I thought the petition, if I could get a lot of people to sign it, somebody would listen. And it was going to go to Ned Lamont so that he might listen.”

Lamont said he has been listening. However, he decided to make this change, which goes against Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations, because he said sifting through who should be eligible for a vaccine based on health issues is too complex.

“We found that risk was highly correlated to age and that it was highly complicated to pick and choose among different exceptions there,” Lamont said.

Mahoney said the governor's explanation is just an excuse and many lives, including her son's, are on the line.

“He’s the governor, this is his job,” she said. “Isn’t this what he’s supposed to do? He’s supposed to represent all of us. All of us.”

The petition can be found here.

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