HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- In response to last week’s riot at the U.S. Capitol, the Connecticut National Guard said it will be providing additional security in the coming days, in support of the state police, Capitol Police, and local law enforcement.

The Connecticut National Guard said it “is committed to the protection of life, property, and the Constitutional right to peaceful protest.”

Due to operational security considerations, further details about numbers, locations, unit designations, and operational details will not be provided.

Earlier this week, Gov. Ned Lamont said he would be deploying more than 100 members of the Connecticut National Guard to Washington D.C. to assist in the upcoming inauguration.

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The Guard members will help aid and facilitate “the peaceful transition of presidential power," Lamont said.

This comes at a time when the state has been ramping up security efforts after an FBI memo warned of possible armed protests locally. The memo said armed protests could happen in all 50 states as early as this weekend.

While protests have remained peaceful in Connecticut, officials are preparing for the worst after last week's riot.

"Many of these groups are calling for a revolution in the United States," said Jeffrey Treistman, national security professor for the University of New Haven.

While protests can always mean friction between demonstrators and police, Treistman says these protests could attract groups that want to overthrow the government.

State police are taking extra precautions, including increased security for state and federal buildings, as well as lawmaker sand the governor.

The state’s Public Safety Executive Assistant Brian Foley said “We have concerns around the entire state. We spoke with federal and local law enforcement regarding those specific concerns.”

Connecticut has not recently seen anything like the riots at the U.S. Capitol last week, or the armed protestors who have stormed other state capitols in recent months. But Treistman said militias and right-wing groups like ‘Patriot Front’ have a presence in Connecticut.

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(8) comments


If these liberal clowns would've responded with this kind of action in places like Seattle and Portland months ago I'm guessing we wouldn't be in the situation we're in now. But we don't talk about things like that or you get banned from social media and comment boards...



Brian C. Duffy

Don't be lazy; do a little research, Randenstorf:

CNBC, August 30, 2020:

“The deadly violence we saw overnight in Portland is unacceptable. Shooting in the streets of a great American city is unacceptable. I condemn this violence unequivocally,” Biden said in a lengthy statement. “I condemn violence of every kind by anyone, whether on the left or the right. And I challenge Donald Trump to do the same.”

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT


Wearing this one out recently. Kinda lazy but at least you put your name on it.

Brian C. Duffy

Lazy at times, accountable always. I will always admit when I'm wrong: I spelled Radenstorf incorrectly. But I can spell Cobarde or any other fake names to my liking.


Typical liberal response that you clowns buy into. Ever heard the phrase "actions speak louder than words"? Because I still haven't seen ANY liberal take action to stop the violent rioting, looting and destruction of property that continues to take place there. Got any facts to prove me wrong Dumpy? Sorry, misspelled your name. Duffy.

Brian C. Duffy

Here's the latest Portland arrest Jeff, from OPB yesterday:

"An armed man upset about the results of the 2020 presidential election fired five shots into the side of Portland’s federal courthouse on Friday, according to court documents filed in federal court Sunday."

Guess this dude isn't 'visiting' any capitol buildings this weekend, are you? Don't forget to upload your selfies.


Cool. While your at it don't acknowledge that Trump and Company incited this riot. These schmucks are out there carrying blue lives matter flags as they are attacking law enforcement. You can't blame the left for that.

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