WINDSOR LOCKS, CT (WFSB) - More than seventy Connecticut soldiers are heading to Texas for training.

After that, they will be deployed to Poland for about a year.

For one last time, Joseph Montenegro carries his son.

It's not his first deployment, but the first where he leaves his wife and little boy behind.

"Knowing that I have to leave these two behind is a little rough. At least there are ways to communicate things. That is important, being able to talk to my family while I am there and knowing we will have that ability is nice," Montenegro said.

For the next year, Montenegro, along with more than seventy other soldiers, will head to Poland to assist 'Operation Atlantic Resolve' as part of the 142nd Area Support Medical Company based in Danbury.

This team of medical specialists will support troops around Europe.

"I feel ready. I spent a lot of time preparing. It's time to do it now," Benjamin Farrell stated.

Loved ones hugged, cried, and held hands until next time.

More than seventy soldiers with the Connecticut National Guard will be one step closer to Poland.

These soldiers won't be home for the holidays, but Corporal Juan Herrera says he knows he's not alone.

"All the people here are my friends. Those are the ones who will keep pushing me up and my family, keep in contact with them and when I come back, I will see them again and make them proud," Col. Herrera noted.

"I am definitely going to miss ski season this year with him. He's an outstanding skier at seven years old. I am hoping that at some point, him and my wife can possibly get over to Europe, get some time together, and maybe hit the slopes there," First Sergeant Daniel Grenier said.

As for the dozens of loved ones that stay behind, it's also about unity.

Montenegro's wife, Emily, says she plans to connect with other families.

"Reaching out, we are all in this together, so no one should feel alone at this point," Emily Montenegro added.

This team will be in Texas for several weeks and arrive in Poland by the end of the year.

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