CT pastor traveling to Haiti to help in relief efforts

Pastor Jean Lubin Beaucejour (WFSB)

The country of Haiti has already felt the wrath of Hurricane Matthew, where at least 283 people lost their lives as the storm pummeled the tiny country.

That number is only expected to rise.

A local pastor has been watching the hurricane pummel his country, from thousands of miles away, and said he can no longer just sit back and watch.

"I looked at it as a call from God,” said Pastor Jean Lubin Beaucejour, of the Oak Baptist Church in Cheshire.

After seeing the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew this week in Haiti, a place he called home most of his life, he said he had to answer the call.

"It’s heartbreaking, it's simply almost unbelievable,” Beaucejour said.

Pastor Jean has made many trips to his homeland since he left for the United States in 1991.

He even went back following the earthquake in 2010, but he says he's never seen anything like the images coming out of Haiti right now, which is why he is headed back there next week, to try to help.

"Everything is under water, every structure with a thin roof is now blown away, the anticipation of sickness, clean water, place to stay, warm blanket, simply food…crops are gone,” Beaucejour said.

It’s a trip he won’t be making alone. Seven others have volunteered to go with him.

Terry Shook is one of the people going. He’s made more than 20 trips with Pastor Jean to the tiny country over the years.

"It’s hard for me to talk about the country, about the people and not get emotional,” Shook said.

Shook said all the progress made after the earthquake has now been washed away, crushing a country with already limited resources, so every little bit helps.

So far they have raised about $3,000 to take with them to buy supplies when they get there.

"I can watch it on t.v. and feel good about myself or I can roll up my sleeves and call a few friends and say follow me, let’s make a difference,” Beaucejour said.

If all goes well, the group will leave from JFK Airport on Wednesday.

They will be in Haiti for about a week.

If you would like to help, click here.

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