With the House of Representatives recently passing a sweeping concealed carry gun law, Connecticut's senior senator is urging his colleagues in the Senate to reject it.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal held a news conference about his effort at 11 a.m. in Hartford.

Blumenthal said the National Reciprocity bill allows more dangerous criminals and untrained people to carry loaded, hidden guns in public places by forcing states with strong concealed carry laws, like Connecticut, to honor permits from states with weak or non-existent standards.

The House passed the measure on Wednesday, 231 to 198, largely along Republican party lines.

Republicans said it allows gun owners to travel freely between states without worrying about conflicting state laws or civil suits.

"The very nature of National Reciprocity is simply to allow for law abiding citizens that have passed background checks and have already been issued permits to carry firearms in other states," said Connecticut Citizens Defense League president Scott Wilson Sr. in a statement released Wednesday. "Any talk about this legislation assisting dangerous criminals is irrational since criminals cannot get permits to carry guns."

The bill is a top priority of the National Rifle Association.

Blumenthal's news conference took place at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

He was accompanied by East Hartford police chief Scott Sansom, executive director Ron Pinciaro of Connecticut Against Gun Violence and executive director Karen Jarmoc of the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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