(WFSB) – Thousands of Connecticut residents are set to lose their additional unemployment benefits on Friday.

The $600 weekly federal unemployment benefit is expiring.

Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy say they’re heading to Washington next week to urge their peers to extend the $600 benefit. They say if this isn’t done, the next few months may be disastrous.

“It’ll be a juggling act to figure out what I’m going to pay or not going to pay this month in order to maintain the basic necessities of life,” said Sebrina Wilson.

Educator and single mom, Sebrina Wilson has been looking for a job for months. She says the $600 benefit has allowed her to live a stable life during the uncertain times.

But now, she may not be able to afford more than rent and food.

“You still have my car payment, I still have my electricity bill, and WIFI, that’s needed,” Wilson said.

There are millions of Americans in Wilson’s position, who will be scrambling to survive without the additional benefits that will expire on Friday.

“This is one of the most frustrating frightening moments of my entire political life,” Blumenthal said.

With the economy plunging and thousands still out of work across the state, Blumenthal and Murphy say they’re bracing for a financial storm.

“The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Connecticut is $1,700. Leaving the family that can’t find work because it doesn’t exist about $400 for everything other than rent,” Murphy said.

Hartford Mayor Luke Bornin says even when people were receiving the additional benefits, lines for food banks were long, and many families were struggling.

He says if the benefits expired, the city will step in with resources.

“We will do everything to connect residents to resources to help get them food, meals out there, but the bottom line is we need Congress to act,” Bronin said.

While the Senate is negotiating, millions of Americans like Wilson are left to wait.

Congress is scheduled to take another recess next week.

One proposal the Senate is considering is a $200 weekly benefit.

Blumenthal and Murphy are calling for the full $600.


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$600 per week plus State unemployment ($300 to $500) for doing nothing is quite a windfall for many. Why go back to work (and earn less) when you can sit around the house and earn more than you did when you were working? Isn't it obvious that the Left is pushing this plan for the specific purpose of sabotaging any economic recovery prior to the election? Then there is the added benefit of having lots of extra bodies for "protests". How sustainable is this plan when you consider that the US National Debt is now $27 trillion? How long can the government continue this massive giveaway? Won't the consequences of debt default and hyperinflation be infinitely worse than any depression or recession we have ever experienced?


Hey great, little Chris Murphy wants to fire all school police officers and defund all police departments, $600 bucks a week to our first responders is the least this pig can offer. This is how Dems treated military returning from Vietnam. The party of compassion my astro.

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