NORWICH, CT (WFSB) -- A Connecticut state trooper was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

Sarah Starkey, of Troop E, was arrested in Norwich on Sunday evening.

Police had received a report of an erratic driver on West Main Street in Norwich.

Starkey, 34, was identified as the driver.

She was arrested and charged with operation of a motor vehicle under the influence, evading responsibility, failure to drive right, and unsafe movement.

Starkey had just left the Harp and Dragon Pub id downtown Norwich when she was pulled over. 

Her blood alcohol content was .16, which is two times over the legal limit. 

A manager of the pub had no comment of our story. 

Starkey has been with state police since 2013.

She was suspended on Tuesday afternoon.

Norwich Police confirm Starkey is out on bond after posting a $250 bail. 

Channel 3 reached out to Starkey's union for a comment, but they have not responded. 

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Well Educated Liberal

Cue the cop apologists: "Durrrrrr....they're trained to drive like that...Durrrrr...cops never do anything wrong...Durrrrr..."
#notmypresident #resist! #guncontrolnow #metoo


Congrats! You win the Well Educated Liberal Idiot of the Week Award.

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