WASHINGTON (WFSB) – Members of the U.S. Senate continue to debate whether to confirm the president’s Supreme Court nominee, even as they head into a vote on Monday.

Still, Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation as the newest member of the U.S. Supreme Court remains all but certain.

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However, that didn’t stop Connecticut’s two senators and other Democrats from making a last-ditch effort to protest the proceedings.

Ever since President Donald Trump originally nominated Barrett to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Democrats were united in their opposition to her.

Sens. Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal burned the midnight oil Sunday into Monday in hopes of changing some of their colleagues’ minds.

They pleaded their case to the rest of the Senate as to why Barrett is not the right person to join the Supreme Court.

One of the points they argued was Barrett’s active opposition to the Affordable Care Act. They believe confirming her would mean the end of it, which would be devastating for millions of Americans.

They also believe holding her confirmation before next week's general election is the wrong move.

“Yes, we fight to the end,” Murphy wrote on social media. “No hyperbole. It's life or death stakes.”

Blumenthal tweeted Sunday night that this “sham process” is not normal and not right.

“Republicans may have the votes, but might does not make right,” he wrote. “The American people can and, I believe, will judge their conduct.”

That's what Murphy tried to emphasize overnight on the Senate floor.

"In the middle of a pandemic when it's abnormally difficult to be able to communicate with your constituents, we've rushed this nomination through, which has made it almost impossible to let us know who she is, what she believes, and communicate that in time to your members of Congress,” Murphy said.

Despite objections by all Democratic senators and a couple of Republican senators as well, Monday’s vote looks to be in favor of confirming Barrett.

If she ends up being confirmed, that would give the Court a 6-3 conservative majority.

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(10) comments


Par for the course. CT Obstructionist. These 2 jokers couldn't cobble together a genuine statement on their own if God himself asked for it. Not that they are believers.. They are perfect liberal lap dogs. Let Murphy know that next time he shows up at your town memorial day parade. Let Blumenthal know that next time he shows up at some random CT celebration, like a youth sports banquet. All you will get is a blank look and then watch them run away like rats jumping from a sinking ship. Really embarrassing.


You're a good sheep. Conveniently forgetting about the republican actions regarding Garland and you want to call Murphy embarrassing? Learn the definition of irony.

Shall Not Be Infringed

Rome is burning and these two liberal lap dogs are bickering about the inevitable confirmation of a SCJ. Pratt & Whitney cut thousands of jobs 2 weeks ago while Raytheon/Pratt at the same time plotting to spend $650m in N.C. They sit idly by as Pratt slaps CT right smack in the face. The pursuit of their hatred took precedence over CT jobs and the lives of CT workers. They are clearly in this for one reason - partisan politics at all costs. There's a special seat down below for these two.

Brian C. Duffy

More tough talk from the 'brave' Fringe. I'm sure you think the 'apolitical' McConnell is doing a great job for his KY constituents.

Brian Duffy


Why would Pratt want to stay here? So they can pay more taxes to a failed state, their employees as well?? The fools in the CGA are to blame, as well as those that keep re-electing them. They have failed us for years. No more excuses.

Brian C. Duffy

Blame me, oh nameless one. I'll happily pay more taxes for the quality of life here. The selfish whiners like you want Connecticut services with Kentucky taxes. You get what you pay for, taxes are no exception. You crybabies have been threatening to leave ever since Ella Grasso raised the sales tax. Predictable and comical.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT since 1964


So, the senators that represent Ct and work on the national stage are responsible for a private companies decision to move? Do you know how this works?


Hopefully soon we vote out this incompetent idiots. This nominee is about as well qualified as you can get. Instead of applauding her accomplishments, we get this childish behavior. Embarrassing.


At least she had a hearing. Merrick Garland got shafted by the republicans. And, McConnell is conveniently sidestepping his own actions from when Garland was nominated. Irony is not part of the republican lexicon.


You need to go talk to Harry Reid. The dem party set the precedents for this behavior, they need to stop whining and look at the candidates as they were elected to do. We sorely need to repeal the 17th amendment and create term limits.

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