David McKay


David McKay grew up on a farm in the eastern part of Connecticut, which he still works on to this day. For the past seven years, David also worked as a multimedia journalist across New England with his latest position as an Anchor and Reporter at WWLP-TV 22News in Springfield, Massachusetts. David’s hard work ethic, knowledge of the area, and passion for reporting is a welcome addition to the WFSB news team.

David graduated from E.O. Smith High School and went on to earn a degree from the University of Connecticut in Communication Sciences and a minor in Business Management. After school he quickly became immersed in Connecticut news writing for a local television station and newspaper.

In 2013 David earned a position as an Anchor and Reporter in western Massachusetts, and quickly became known for providing work that is professional, accurate and that he is proud of. He has traveled across New England, the nation, and the globe to cover stories, and has been a part of award-winning newscasts. From covering the Pope’s visit in Philadelphia, flying upside-down in a plane showcasing an air show, being live on the field while the Patriots march toward another Super Bowl, or reporting from the Emerald Aisles of Dublin, Ireland for the first international trip offered in our region, he has been a go-to reporter for the big stories.

But whether it’s improvising during a breaking news story or covering the news of the day, David enjoys providing professional and accurate work that can lead a newscast.

In David’s spare time he enjoys being with his family. He also likes to ski, surf, hike, ride horses and is working on writing a children’s book.