CELEBRATION, FL (WFSB) - A Colchester man has confessed to killing his wife, three children and his dog in Florida.

Anthony Todt, formerly of Colchester, was charged with four counts of premeditated murder and cruelty to animals.

His mug shot appeared in the Osceola County Corrections website.

Anthony Todt

Anthony Todt, formerly of Colchester, was charged with murdering his family, according to investigators.

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According to police in Celebration, Fl., they responded to a home on Jan. 13 to serve a federal arrest warrant to Anthony Todt.

Inside the home, investigators found four deceased individuals.

During a news conference on Wednesday, police said Anthony Todt confessed to killing his wife Megan, and their three children, ages 13, 11, and 4.

Todt couple

Tony Todt and his family haven't been heard from since Jan. 6.

Their deaths were ruled a homicide. Police have not said the cause of deaths at this time.

He also confessed to killing the family dog.

Anthony Todt remains in police custody.

According to police, it is believed the deaths happened sometime during the end of December.

The Todt family recently relocated to Celebration, FL.

Channel 3 found out that they bought property there in 2005, but still owned the Family Physical Therapy business back in Connecticut.

Police say Todt would fly to Connecticut to work at the two Colchester physical therapy offices during the week and fly back to Florida on the weekends. 

Flowers were left on the door of the business Tuesday morning as what could be a solemn symbol of what may have happened to the family in Florida.

On Wednesday, an eviction notice was seen shoved in the door of the practice.

Federal agents unsealed a warrant showing Todt allegedly collected tens of thousands of dollars from insurance companies by billing them for services he never performed. The warrant shows Todt may have been doing it for five years and when federal investigators confronted him in November, he admitted to it, saying no one else knew what he was doing. 

When asked why he did it, police say he told them it was to keep pace with personal loans he took out. 

"Now to have him in his own words saying that he was responsible, I think that's going to weigh on people differently today," said Mary Bylone, Colchester First Selectman. 

The Todts had not been seen or heard from in more than a week.

Police said officers went to the home on Dec. 29 and then again on Jan. 9 to conduct well-being checks, but were unsuccessful in making contact with anyone inside the home. They also said they didn't see anything that seemed suspicious.

Family members said they were worried, and started a Facebook group the pleaded for the family's well-being.

Eyewitness News looked into court documents and found the family fell on hard times.

Anthony Todt's license to practice in Connecticut was not renewed last September.

Last month, before the holidays, the family was evicted from the house at which they'd been staying in Celebration, FL.

It was at that home where police were seen investigating on Monday.

Colchester's first selectman's office released a statement on Monday, saying "The news reports out of Celebration, FL regarding a Colchester family are shocking and heartbreaking," the statement read. "I know that the thoughts and prayers of our entire community are with the relatives and friends of the family involved."

The town's superintendent released his statement on Tuesday, in which he said counselors were made available for students.

"All of us at Colchester Public Schools are deeply saddened by the news out of Celebration, FL regarding the Colchester family," said Jeffrey Burt, superintendent. "As a community, we are committed to coming together to support students who may be emotionally impacted by this news. All of our crisis teams met early this morning and counselors are available in every school. If you have concern for your student, please contact the school for support."

St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church is offering support and prayers to the family and community as well.

Police urged anyone needing help to know that there are resources available. To reach the National Hopeline Network, Suicide & Crisis Hotline at 1-800-442-HOPE(4673).

Stay with Channel 3 for updates.

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Jeebus! What kind of monster kills the dog? I hope he gets the chair or worse.


Hope they have the death penalty in Florida.


Why? If he dies, he doesn't regret it as much. If he lives for the next 40 years, he has to live with the fact that he murdered his entire family and remember it every day. He turned himself in which means he feels remorse. Let him live with that for the rest of his life. Not to mention that it is more expensive to carry out the death penalty than it is to simply incarcerate someone for life.

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