HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – Governor Lamont’s pandemic emergency powers will be extended through February.

Friday morning, lawmakers kicked off a debate over whether it should be allowed.

Those emergency powers are set to expire next week.

At the center of the debate was whether the extension gives the governor too much power.

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The 10-person committee met on Friday morning about whether the governor’s emergency powers will continue through next year.

A motion made by Republicans that would reject the extension was voted down Friday morning, meaning Lamont's emergency powers will be extended through February.

"The executive orders we live under now are too broad for Connecticut in September. They should be limited to public health issues and public health concerns and this public health emergency we’re in," said Republican Minority Leader State Rep. Themis Klarides.

A motion by the Republican lawmakers to not allow Gov. Lamont to extend his emergency powers failed on Friday morning.

The governor enacted the emergency order back in March as the pandemic began, and has issued dozens of executive orders since then, including requiring people to wear a mask, and limit the size of gatherings.

Republican Senator Len Fasano says legislators should be looped in the process.

In a statement, Fasano wrote:

"We should return to the process set in the early days of the pandemic in which the Governor consulted with lawmakers before issuing executive orders. There needs to be a level of review and collaboration to bring checks and balances back to Government."

“The executive orders are not sacred that they’re untouchable. The legislature can override them anytime,” said Democrat State Rep. Matt Ritter.

Some Democrats said the public wants science and metrics to determine how to protect people. They said this will help the governor respond quickly if the spread of the virus changes.

"Let's be honest about what this is. He has too much power. We want some too," said Democrat State Rep. Joe Aresimowicz. 

Critics have protested at the state capitol to demand an end to the pandemic emergency powers.

Channel 3 spoke with the governor's chief of staff after the vote was made. He says they plan on meeting with legislative leaders next week to review the executive orders in place. 

Channel 3 will continue to follow this story throughout the day.

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(16) comments


The dictatorship continues. What a business killing self centered disgrace


Only for a couple more months.


At this point, the emergency has abated, and for quite a whole now. There is no reason to keep these "emergency powers" enacted. My guess is that this all revolves around elections and the excuses for mail in ballots, which makes the system ripe for abuse...just the way the Demoncrats want it.

Brian C. Duffy

Your "guess" is wrong and as fake as your screen name. Florida has been voting by mail for several years now.....do you have any evidence of fraud there? Of course not. Ask Kris Kobach for evidence. You'll be waiting a long time.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT


Brian you were clearly born after the year 2000. Here's a napkin to clean the egg off your face.

Brian C. Duffy

Try recent history. See below (excuse the 'dismantle' typo)

BTW: Who are you again?


Florida, the hanging chad state. The state with so many recounts to their name that they're considered a public embarrassment as a voting reference. Brian, your fake superiority and summation of arguments with poor choices of defensive tactics are as easy to dismantle as your ego. Please, go back to the senior center while the rest of the current voting age majority decides what to do with our state.

Brian C. Duffy

Twenty years ago. Dismantlel this, fake Fur ball:


Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville


Dig a little deeper than just one election. https://www.heritage.org/voterfraud/search?state=FL&combine=&year=&case_type=All&fraud_type=All&page=0 There's a whole history to Florida and corruption. As with almost all states. They just tend to be the most publicized of all due to their hang up 20 years ago.

Brian C. Duffy

Anecdotal evidence as demonstrated by that database. One or two individual convictions per election-per year-per State does not constitute widespread organized fraud that affect the outcome. Yes, it could matter in a local primary or municipal election where the total vote is small but not in Statewide candidate races. No wonder you're disguised, but thanks for taking the bait - this is easy.


Did you even read the criminal findings and reports? Multiple elected officials were involved in those incidents and the scope of them was more than just one or two convictions. On the scale of elections, given they only occur on 2 and 4 year cycles, This is actually severe by relative comparisons. Yes, it's not every day, but it is every election cycle.


The problem is that most of rest of the population thinks just like our resident troll. In any case the worst part of this is the weak and pathetic CGA could just you know, pass a law that limits this type of thing, they do make the laws not Lamont right?


Still in the middle of the pandemic. Deny reality if you must. Maybe go back to blaming liberals for everything.


Hitler kept extending his emergency powers also


Idiotic comparison.


...and then those costs get rolled into every customers "delivery" charge.

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