HAMDEN, CT (WFSB) - A local college is telling students to lock up and be on the look out, after police say a man forced his way into one off campus home and tried to get into another.

Adiel Viana-Ribeiro was arrested after he reportedly broke into a woman's home in Hamden.

A female Quinnipiac University student reported that Viana-Riberio enter an unlocked back door while she was sleeping. When she woke up, Viana-Riberio was standing at the foot of her bed.

The woman screamed, and Viana-Riberio fled.

Adiel Viana-Ribeiro

Adiel Viana-Ribeiro

Early during the same night, at another nearby home, another female Quinnipiac student reported an attempted residential burglary.

He was in her house when someone tried to forcibly break into the home through a window.

The attempted burglar ran away when she shined a flashlight towards to the window.

Hamden police found Viana-Riberio's car in the neighborhood and attempted to stop him.

Some scary moments for two college students when police say a man tried to break into their homes last night.

Viana-Riberio fled, and the Connecticut State Police caught him on I-84.

During the investigation, police discovered Viana-Riberio delivers food and drives passengers for app-based service companies.

He specifically targeted houses, where he previously made deliveries to women. 

In a statement, Quinnipiac University says:

"Quinnipiac Public Safety officers perform regular checks of all university-owned properties to maintain the safety of our student community. We appreciate the quick actions of our students who immediately called Public Safety when they heard a noise outside their home; our officers responded immediately and coordinated with Hamden police and Connecticut State Police, who led an investigation and shortly after apprehended the suspect. We have also reminded everyone in our university community to practice good safety habits by always securing their residence, regardless of whether they are home or away, including locking windows and doors and keeping dark areas around their home well-lit during the evening."

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