Delivery drivers targeted in Hamden

For the last two nights in a row, drivers trying to drop off food were targeted by a band of robbers in Hamden.   (WFSB)

For the last two nights in a row, drivers trying to drop off food were targeted by a band of robbers in Hamden.

The incidents took place on back to back nights this week. Police said in one of the cases, one of the people involved, was armed with a knife.

When one of Volkan Turan's drivers for Legend Pizza returned from a delivery Tuesday night, he had a frightening story to tell. He was robbed while out on a run.

"They took some cash money and two cell phones and his wallet,” Turan said.

It happened on Fourth Street around 8:30pm. Police said the delivery driver was approached by a teenage girl, who distracted the 22-year-old worker while four male teens surrounded him, one of them, armed with a knife.

"The driver was physically not hurt. He is just not feeling good at all,” Turan said. “Psychologically, mentally, he is not feeling good."

Police say the group struck again the very next night on north street around 9:15 p.m. This time an employee from the China Wok was the target. Three males tried to open his car door while he was stopped at a stop sign, but the driver was able to pull away. He may have been more alert thanks to a concerned citizen, who had warned the driver about the robbery the night before.

John Shanley lives in the neighborhood where the incidents took place.

“It's not a surprise to hear. The crime in this part of town has gotten worse the last few years,” Shanley said. “I've been in this neighborhood the last 30 years and we've seen things deteriorate."

Shanley said he would like to more police patrolling the area.

“I understand these guys aren’t going to be mobile all the time, but if you need to park just to be a presence in the neighborhood,” Shanley said. “Why not be in our neighborhood as well."

Turan said this is the second time one of their drivers have been targeted in the last few years. Turan said he tries to give them advice on how to stay safe while out on a delivery.

“I always recommend for them to stay in the car until the customer shows up, just be careful, open your eyes, check around,” Turan said.

Neither driver was seriously hurt.

If you can any information on these incidents, call the Hamden Police Department at 203-230-4000

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