HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – The legislative session starts in about two weeks and there’s still no agreement on transportation.

Democrats met on Tuesday and new numbers from Rhode Island show that the state’s not collecting what was expected from truck tolls.

Democratic leaders were meeting once again to go over the governor’s transportation plan, but the governor was not at this meeting.

His staff says Governor Ned Lamont has done all he can to convince them tolls are the way to go and now it’s up to lawmakers to get it done.

Lamont’s transportation plan calls for trucks only tolls. Democrats in the House and Senate say they have enough support, but still there is no bill.

“It’s our intention at this point is to try and schedule a public hearing on this issue as well and then try to schedule a vote,” said Senator Martin Looney, Democratic Senate President.

Democratic leaders are trying to finalize details of the governor’s toll plan and draft it into a bill to be voted on.

Lamont is calling for 12 toll gantries, raising between $150 and $18 million per year.

Republicans have their own transportation plan, which relies on draining the rainy-day fund.

Lamont’s latest plan follows neighboring Rhode Island, where only trucks are tolled, but some new numbers in that state show far less revenue, a 66 percent cut from what was projected.

The issue seems to be they can’t get toll gantries up fast enough. The problem may eventually be resolved, but those against truck tolls still question what Connecticut is getting.

“It’s not even truck tolling anymore, it’s tractor-trailer tolling, which is one kind of truck, right? They’ve narrowed it to down to three percent of all vehicles on the road, that doesn’t make sense and won’t be fiscally sustainable,” said Joe Sculley, Motor Transport Association of CT.

There’s been a lot of talk about having a special session on transportation, but lawmakers also want a public hearing, so that can be done in the next two weeks.

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Jame Gumb

The only people that should be paying tolls to drive in CT are Democrats. You voted for him, you support him. To target only truck drivers is spineless and pathetic. This is a political party trying to fill their own pockets while keeping their party alive. This is why a convicted felon who served 7 years in prison is back in his old office. Corrupt Dems.

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