Discolored water possible in North Haven after valve problems

A problem with a valve in North Haven caused flooding and some discolored water on Tuesday morning. (WFSB)

A problem with a valve in North Haven caused discolored water on Tuesday morning.

The incident started when water in a pipe near Sacket Point Road "reversed flow and stirred up naturally occurring minerals in the water main."

Regional Water Authority crews were "flushing areas of dead end mains and in the rest of the distribution system." A Regional Water Authority spokesperson said those minerals were expected to "settle out" overnight.

Regional Water Authority said the discolored water "comes from internal pipe rust and sediment getting stirred up."

"When this happens the water may not be appealing, so we recommend that you wait until it clears before drinking it. While discolored water is not harmful to people with normal immune systems, consumers with compromised immune systems should consult their physician before ingesting it," Regional Water Authority posted on its website.

Customers were told to try running the cold water for a few minutes at first. If this activity does not work, customers were told to "let the water sit for one to two hours."

If the water remains discolored, customers were asked to call the Regional Water Authority at 203-562-4020.

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