Dispatchers honored for helping Waterford family

A Waterford family is praising the quick response of firefighters and their alarm system monitoring service. (WFSB)

A Waterford family is praising the quick response of firefighters and their alarm system monitoring service that all worked in concert to save a family member and a pet.

It was about 7 p.m. on Oct. 6. The Massad family was at a high school soccer game in Lebanon about an hour away. That's when the smoke alarm went off inside the house. The mother in law was at the home with the family pet.

Seventy-four-year-old Grace Rogers was resting in the living room of her daughter’s house when all of a sudden the fire alarm sounded and lights started flashing. An audible voice message urged her to "get out."

“I went to the door,” Rogers said. “I could smell something but it didn't smell like regular smoke."

Little did Rogers know that the ADT alarm system and dispatch monitors were already busy notifying the local fire department and the family members that there was an emergency in the basement of the house.

The problem, according to homeowner Gregory Massad, was a faulty portable de-humidifier in the basement.

"Definitely a monitored system helps,” Massad said. “Because if we didn't have that we would have been notified but we were 50 minutes away, what could we do."

On Thursday, ADT recognized the Massad family and gave the local fire company a $5,000 donation. They also presented their two dispatch monitors from Texas with safety awards for their swift action. Tonya Wilson remembers the emergency call because it involved a pet guinea pig and had a difficult time reaching the homeowner.

"You continue down the call list until you are able to reach someone a responsible party, a neighbor, a friend somebody that could either notify the homeowners or come and check it out themselves,” Wilson said.

The holiday season is a busy time of year for first responders, who are aware of many dangers in the home.

No one in the Massad family was hurt and the property was not damaged. Wizma the guinea pig was rescued.

"Then I asked one of the firemen please, you going to bring out the Guinea Pig because my granddaughter would never forgive me,” Rogers said.

Massad said the system they installed a year ago did what is was designed to do.

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