Dispute over allowing Airbnb, other short-term rentals ongoing in Ledyard

The town of Ledyard has banned Airbnbs (WFSB)

Ledyard city leaders are trying to figure out whether to ban homeowners from posting their houses on short-term rental sites like Airbnb and Home Away.

The town’s council has passed the issue on to the Land Use Commission, which will consider whether Ledyard should create a law to deal with the issue.

Critics like Marilyn Richard, who owns a local bed and breakfast, argue short-term rentals need to be regulated because some of the renters are throwing crazy parties and parking on residential streets.

“They should have residential areas protected. You can’t just have wild parties every weekend. That’s not fair to your neighbors,” said Richard.

Many homeowners who post their properties like Jim Martell argue only a few people are causing the problems and it would be unfair to punish folks who are using the sites responsibly.

“It makes money so that I can throw money with it and I can make my mortgage I can pay my taxes. And the house still stays run,” said Martell.

It’s unclear what the Land Use Commission will choose to do about the issue.

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