DMV launches pilot program to reduce wait times

Eyewitness News got an exclusive look inside the new and improved system at Department of Motor Vehicles. (WFSB)

Long wait times at the Department of Motor Vehicles may be a thing of the past.

Eyewitness News got an exclusive look inside the new and improved system.

Commissioner Michael Bzydra said when he took over six months ago, he made it his mission to fix the notoriously long waits.

"We now have two customer service advocates walking the line, pre-checking documents before we even open," said Bzydra.

The pre-checking was put in place to avoid unnecessarily waiting in lines.

"They don't have to wait another half hour, hour, before they find out, 'gee, sir, ma'am, you have to go away and come back with additional documentation," said Bzydra.

After more than two months of research, the program has been implemented in the Wethesfield DMV.

Channel 3's Matthew Campbell was in and out in under 10 minutes.

In the waiting rooms, a clerk is there to greet you. Instead of waiting in the registration line for a ticket, customers can get one in the room and take a seat.

They can also take a spot at an available computer kiosk.

Bzydra said it saves an an average of eight to 15 minutes.

"If they've been pre-checked, they can get their quick ticket, sit and wait and will be called up much quicker," said Bzydra.

Hartford resident Jonathon Morales said he's had bad experiences with the DMV in the past.

"Sometimes it could be an hour, sometimes you'll be here longer than that," said Bzydra.

When Bzydra arrived, no pre-check was necessary because the line was so short.

"Before, this line would be packed up...not a bad wait, just two people," said Morales.

The 3M system, which was to blame for technical headaches earlier in the year, has been upgraded.

Right now the service only applies to registration, but DMV officials said licensing will be next.

"I got in and out within 15 minutes. That's really our goal here," said Bzydra.

This was only the second day for the pilot program. Saturday, which is one of the busiest days for the DMV, will be the true test of how effective it is.

The program will roll out statewide next year.

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