Keep right except to pass

MIDDLETOWN, CT (WFSB) - State police sought to remind drivers of the importance of keeping to the right on highways.

Troopers highlighted on their Facebook page Tuesday signs that read "keep right except to pass."

"Any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic shall be driven in the right-hand lane, or as close as practicable to the right-hand lane or right-hand curb or edge," the post read. "On highways with two lanes, vehicles are required to drive upon the right most lane except when overtaking or passing or preparing for a left turn."

They said anyone who fails to abide by the sign faces infractions, causes unnecessary congestion and traffic jams, and could potentially lead to crashes.

"Do your part to not congest highways," the post continued.

State police said the rule not only applies to limited access highways such as interstates 395, 95 and Route 2, but also any roadway with two lanes. Those include roads such as routes 85 and 32.

For real-time traffic updates, check the Channel 3 traffic map here.

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(8) comments

rick be

Big trouble, the Meter Maids on Wheels have Road Rage.


Your mom married the wrong man. Or, your dad married the wrong woman.

Brian C. Duffy

I save $86 in the left lane.

If I drive 65, I get an Improper Lane Use ticket for $137.

If I drive 75, I get a Speeding ticket for $223.

Brian Duffy Tariffville, CT


Common sense isn't as common as we'd like. Thank you CSP for addressing this very annoying and inconsiderate behavior. I hate to say it, but in my experience, 9/10 It's a young girl, or elderly driver. My thought is that if you can not safely maintain the minimum speed limit, you shouldn't be driving at all. It's dangerous to drive 45 in a 65. I was taught in drivers ed that the left lane is exclusively for passing-not a travel lane at all. 20 years ago, when I first started driving, I don't remember this being a problem as much on highways. Nowadays, it's constant! I live right near Uconn, and I could hop on 84 right now and find at least 2 to 3 young, Asian girls looking terrified, death grip on the wheel, in the left lane, going 50 mph! Let me give you a tip- you are either going to get yourself or someone else killed, or you are going to end up assaulted by a road rager. Welcome to the United States! Also, the other culprit, elderly folks, most of you need to take the bus. You are dangerous in your complete disregard for road laws, sense of entitlement, and slow reaction times. You are menaces to society behind the wheel. That's why we have Dial a ride, and assisted living- so you can stay off the GD roads! If I'm on a back road, speed limit 40mph, and I see your q tip head, 3 inches from your qheel, hands clenched at 10 and 2, driving 22 mph- I'm getting right up on you, flashing my lights, beeping and giving you the finger! Stay home if you can't drive!

rick be

I pity your husband.




@momof3 your post is racist and lost all credibility bringing up race. try again.

Shall Not Be Infringed

It's about time the left-lane-hog drivers got a ticket for their inconsiderate behavior.

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