BRISTOL, CT (WFSB) - As coronavirus statistics continue to rise worldwide, some parents in Bristol said they're concerned after a group of students and teachers returned from an Italy trip.

Europe's biggest outbreak of the coronavirus has been in Italy where seven people died and more than 229 people were infected.

As of Tuesday, the World Health Organization said the death toll stood at more than 2,700. 

In Italy, 300 people have been infected and five have died.

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The group of 20 students and staff from Bristol Central High School returned from the Italy trip on Friday night. They had traveled to Fano, Italy, nearly four hours from where the outbreak is.

At first, the Bristol-Burlington Health District "recommended all travelers remain home from school/work for 48 hours."

However, the recommendation was then updated. It said it is now not monitoring the group of travelers.

"Those who are not ill and went on trip are free to go to work or school and do as they please," said Marco Palmeri, director of health.

Despite the recommendation, Bristol parents said most of the students and faculty from the trip were in school on Monday.

CNN is reporting the outbreak is in the northern part of Italy, near Lombardy, which is about four hours away from where the group traveled.

The outbreak has now spread to Tuscany and Sicily.

A doctor specializing in infectious diseases shed some light on the risks Tuesday.

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"I think this point in the United States, the risk of anyone getting the coronavirus is minimal. Things change on a day by day basis but currently the risk is minimal," said Dr. Virginia Bielech, chief of Infectious Diseases at the Hospital of Central Connecticut.

She said while information continues to change and update, she believes right now the risk is low.

"Things change on a day by day basis but currently the risk is minimal," Bielech said.

New information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe what could happen is that "More cases are likely to be identified in the coming days, including more cases in the United States. It’s also likely that person-to-person spread will continue to occur, including in the United States."

Doctors advise folks to keep up to date with any travel warnings that are issued.

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(6) comments


My comment about how irresponsible it is not to be concerned about this was taken off. This is censorship. Even China has been more open about this than WFSB. Very disappointing.

Logicandreason101's here. Sometimes you need to refresh to see the comments.


I am shocked that more people aren't up in arms about this. There should be a quarantine in place immediately. The cavalier attitude taken by the Bristol health department is very worrying. This is how outbreaks that lead to epidemics start. These travelers could be asymptomatic, but are still unknowingly spreading the disease. This is why it blew up so much in Wuhan. The Chinese government weren't proactive and by the time they did something about it, it was too late. Who is going to be responsible for this if it starts spreading around Bristol schools and then to other schools, businesses and homes in the area. Not good.


This virus can be transmitted during its incubation period. As a precaution, they should be quarantined.


When i was in CNA class back in High School, we had to take an Air Born Pathogens course. I never realized how EASY it was to spread deadly diseases. We walked away from the courses with a whole new outlook on germs. If they truly wanted to contain the outbreak all the traveling and exchange of the exposed should have been halted from the start. When doctors and nurses trained in the spread of infection are getting it.....hum.... right? Lets just send the sick back to uninfected countries. I guess THEY think the world is a bit over populated and Mars isn't ready for us yet. Be wise and aware and stay healthy and alive.


These people should be quarantined for 25 days. One extra day after the incubation period. Not "suggested" to stay home for the day. I swear, if it requires this small of intelligence to be a health official then I'm better off listening to Al*x Jon*s' crazy ramblings because he's at least right half of the time.

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