GLASTONBURY, CT (WFSB) -- A health concern has hit area schools with recent cases of students contracting mumps and tuberculosis.

A local doctor said now is the time to check immunization records.

In Glastonbury, school officials confirmed a high school student has been diagnosed with the mumps.

The contagious virus is known for its symptoms: fever, muscle aches and swollen salivary glands.

However, the best fight against the infection is a vaccination, which is typically a two-shot process.

“The one dose of a vaccine as a child gives you about a 78 percent reduction in the risk for mumps. Two vaccines, which is the normal course for children in the U.S., is about 88 percent effective in reducing the risk of mumps,” said Dr. Jason Kurtzman, of GoHealth Urgent Care.

But, even if vaccinated, Kurtzman said there’s still a chance of catching it.

His takeaway is there are more mumps cases reported among unvaccinated patients than those who are.

However, this defense has become a polarizing issue for parents in the state with talk of removing religious exemptions.

In Naugatuck, school leaders revealed a student is diagnosed with the bacterial infection tuberculosis, which spreads through the air.

Unlike other developed nations, the U.S. does not require a vaccine for TB.

“Anyone who’s having severe coughing with fevers and night sweats, especially if they’re coughing up blood, you have to stay as far away. And anyone who can test them for tuberculosis is the key to get them away from anyone who might be at risk for that,” Kurtzman said.

The doctor went on to say the best thing you can do if you happen to know whether you’ve been close to a mumps case is talk to your doctor about getting a third shot.

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