MADISON, CT (WFSB) -- A murder case that shook the beach community of Madison 10 years ago remains unsolved.

Barbara Hamburg was murdered outside her Madison home a decade ago.

This month, HBO will be airing a docu-series called ‘Murder on Middle Beach,’ which details the life and death of Hamburg.

The documentary is seven years in the making.

Madison Hamburg, Barbara’s son, said it started out as a project for school, and eventually HBO bought the pitch.

He said he started working on the film as a way to preserve his mother’s memory, and he also wanted to understand who his parents were, outside his perspective.

"My mom was my best friend and closest confidante. When she died, I had a hard time really understanding or grappling a life without her," Madison Hamburg said. 

The documentary shows him interviewing several family members, friends, and colleagues in an attempt to find out the truth about his parents.

Madison Hamburg said one of his biggest roadblocks was transparency about the murder, since the investigation is still open.

During a recent Fugitive Files report, Channel 3 asked Madison police about the case and their thoughts on the documentary. 

"Maybe through what he's putting out there, there's a piece of information we don't have and I know he's been doing interviews throughout town, so maybe there's that piece of information he'll uncover, and together we can bring this to closure," said Captain Joseph Race, Madison Police Department. 

Hamburg said he hopes this documentary will give people a broader view of who his mother was, and hopes it will encourage others who may have gone through a similar situation.

“I hope that people can see the ripple effects of grief and trauma and loss of a family going through something unresolved like this and can empathize. I hope that anyone watching that is going through something similar feels a little less alone,” Hamburg said.

'Murder on Middle Beach' airs Nov. 15 on HBO Max.

Anyone with information on the case should contact Madison police at (203) 245-2721, or leave an anonymous tip by clicking here.

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