SOUTH WINDSOR, CT (WFSB) -- The third person charged and arrested in the Dulos case is attorney Kent Mawhinney, who is known to the community and the police.

Mawhinney is now being charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the Dulos case.

See his complete arrest warrant here.

However, Mawhinney has been arrested by South Windsor police twice; once for domestic violence and another time for violating a protective order.

The arrest warrant in that case shows he had a pretty close relationship with Fotis Dulos.

Last January, Mawhinney's wife told South Windsor police he had forcibly raped her without her consent, and said forced sex would be her rent.

She told police she was afraid for her life and her husband had taken out a $750,000 life insurance policy with the husband as the beneficiary. She was a granted a protective order.

"She could not be contacted by Mr. Mawhinney, even by a third party,” said South Windsor Police Sgt. Mark Cleverdon.

Police said Mawhinney violated the protective order and Fotis Dulos was the third party. Dulos, who the wife says she never met, called her several times trying to arrange a meeting with her husband.

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She said Dulos told her “I am indebted to him and vice versa. I want to help him as he has helped me a lot in the past.” Documents go on to say she said “Dulos asked if she would call the police and if she did, he would be offended.”

The wife met with Dulos briefly, but would not meet with her husband. Days later, Jennifer Farber Dulos was reported missing.

In court on Wednesday, Mawhinney’s bond remained at $2 million for his alleged involvement in the disappearance of Jennifer Farber Dulos.

A judge denied the request to lower his bond because of Mawhinney’s prior arrests.

Watch all three court appearances here

Mawhinney's attorney told the judge he didn't think his client could afford bail.

He now remains behind bars.

A tie-in to the Jennifer Dulos case involved the Windsor Rod and Gun Club, which Mawhinney helped start.

Documents show that a couple of days before Jennifer Dulos went missing, two hunters found what looked like a makeshift grave near the club.

The men told police they found "barbecue grill grates which had been placed over a hole dug in the ground."

They also found "small branches had been placed to hide the pit beneath," according to the documents.

Inside the hole was "a blue tarp and two unopened bags of lime."

Canine teams searched the hole and the surrounding property.

Investigators said the hole had been filled in and no signs of human remains were found. The tarp and bags of lime were gone.

"An arrest warrant is just probable cause, a minimal standard to meet," said local Attorney Chris Morano.

He was once Connecticut's Chief State's Attorney, and said he expects more evidence will come out.

"Friendships are friendships, and love connections are love connections, but jail cells are jail cells and when people see them facing them, that changes relationships," Morano said.

While it could be difficult to get convictions if Jennifer's body is not found, Morano said what's important to show is that there were troubled relationships and that nobody has heard from her, and no phone calls or credit card transactions have been found at all.

Mawhinney also is no stranger to South Windsor, as he lives there, grew up in town, and was a hockey coach.

He's also a local attorney, and the statewide Bar Counsel said his license is active and in good standing. There is also no public record for discipline for Mawhinney.

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