FARMINGTON, CT (WFSB) -- New documents are revealing some more details about Fotis Dulos and who he had encounters with before his death.

The man accused of murdering his estranged wife apparently feared for his own life.

Court documents obtained by Eyewitness News show Dulos called police twice to report harassment and a suspicious person.

At first, this was a person Dulos trusted. It was someone who got so close to him that Fotis invited him over on Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, according to court documents, a man named Brad Ragaglia drove up to Fotis Dulos’ mansion, introduced himself, telling Dulos he was: “sorry for his plight.”

He also gave him a religious book, told Fotis he’d pray for him and his children, and gave him a bottle which he said was “holy water.”

Apparently, according to the documents, that’s all it took for Dulos to call this man a friend.

After telling Dulos he had a cancerous and rare esophagus disease, Dulos invited him over for Christmas.

Ragaglia declined, but did return on the 26th and New Year’s Eve, where according to documents, he was gifted magnesium capsules and spent a few hours together.

The fake friendship was exposed days later when documents show Ragaglia accidentally sent Fotis a text which in part read: “I must use January to conduct my narrative. I am certain that God put me in the situation to end this horrible drama quickly. I hinted that I was an objective person who was moderating all the ‘horrible’ things people are saying to him he bit...”

When Dulos saw this, police say he thought Ragaglia wanted to kill him and second guessed the holy water and magnesium capsules he had been gifted, thinking it was poison.

Dulos called police who interviewed Ragaglia, who told them he was an investigative journalist, trying to write a book about Dulos’ estranged wife, Jennifer Farber Dulos.

The line about being put here by God, he says, just meant he was “hoping to gain incriminating information from Fotis in order to close the cases against Fotis.”

Another thing learned from the documents is how lonely Dulos appeared to be. He was texting a random number since September, just because that person said nice things to him. Since he didn’t know who that person was, Dulos thought it was Ragaglia, but police didn’t make that connection.

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