Dentist gets 6 years for illegal drug prescriptions

Dr. Peter G. Delaney

A dentist in West Hartford was arrested after court documents say he was illegally writing prescriptions and selling drugs.

Dr. Peter G. Delaney, a dentist for more than 10 years, was arrested after court documents show he was writing prescriptions for patients for oxycodone and antibiotics.

Court documents show Delaney told investigators that he prescribed the oxycodone and an antibiotic at the same time to deter suspicion from the pharmacy. That way, the prescription looked as if was the result of illegitimate dental treatment.

The arrest of Delaney comes after police arrested West Hartford resident Kevin Baker, who is a financial adviser and youth sports coach. Baker was arrested in February in connection with two bank robberies.

Authorities say he robbed the same First National Bank of Suffield branch on Jan. 27 and Feb. 8, on the first occasion brandishing a knife. Baker allegedly made off with more than $15,000.

After the arrest of Baker, police found the phone numbers and texts between Delaney and him, court documents stated. There was an outgoing text on Baker's phone to Delaney after the second bank robbery.

When police questioned Delaney, court records show he eventually admitted to prescribing oxycodone to baker, even though it “wasn't out of medical necessity." Delaney told police he was "aware, through rumors, that Baker suffered from a pill addiction, while he was falsely prescribing him oxycodone."

Delaney told police at first that he did not know that Baker had committed the two bank robberies.

Baker's wife reportedly told police they have been broke since last June. With her husband's failing financial services company doing them no favors, they were $120,000 in debt.

She also said her husband reportedly developed an addiction to painkillers after four spinal surgeries.

Delaney would also write prescriptions for relatives, court documents said. He also wrote a prescription for Baker's wife, who told police said she did not know about the prescription, court documents show.

Delaney was held on a $700,000 bond as of Wednesday. Last month, he sent a letter to his patients informing them he was under medical treatment and would not be returning to the office.

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