SIMSBURY, CT (WFSB) - A pack of coyotes attacked a Simsbury family’s Golden Retriever.

It happened in the family’s backyard, and since then, Boone has been in and out of surgery, and spent weeks at the vet.

The dog is back home now, and his owner tells Channel 3 why she thinks the coyotes were in her backyard.

Sever-year-old Boone is doing much better, but Melissa Osborne still can’t shed the pain of watching her dog suffer.

“it’s really hard because he’s kind, he’s gentle, he’s not a guy that’s going to fight back a lot,” Osborne said.

The dog endured not only one or two, but a series of three amputation surgeries.

His once glorious tail now only to be seen in old pictures and videos after wild coyotes attacked.

“This was a very different bark and I ran out here and right over here in this section in the back there were at least three coyotes there,” Osborne said.

She says Boone was out for just a couple minutes in the yard when the attack happened.

The family says they’ve seen coyotes before and followed safety guidelines from animal control that warned owners of small pets, and Boone is over 100 pounds.

Boone’s owner recently learned a neighbor across the wetlands was leaving food out for the coyotes.

“Most importantly to people, who for whatever reason out of kindness or a desire to see the wildlife on their property, please stop feeding wild animals,” Osborne said.

Karen Moulton is a dog trainer and volunteers her time to reunite owners with their lost pets.

She says coyotes view pets as easy food.

“Usually, it’s a bad ending. It’s a very bad ending and sometimes you never know what happened to that pet. The most that I’ve ever found is remains and usually you don’t even find the remains because you don’t know where the coyote has taken the animal,” Moulton said.

The animal control officer in Simsbury says coyotes are opportunistic predators and their numbers are growing.

He says to always keep an eye on your animals and keep them on a leash even in fenced-in yards.

“They look to us as their caretakers, so we have an obligation to really look out for those animals, dogs, cats, our domestic animals,” said Officer Mark Rudewicz, Simsbury Animal Control Officer.

Boone had free reign over the entire backyard, but the family has had to make changes after that attack for his own safety, including adding a barrier.

“He’s been in pain and it’s hard to watch him like that. He didn’t do anything to deserve it,” Osborne said.

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