Dog killed, another missing in Wallingford coyote attack

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Pet owners are being warned after coyotes attacked two little dogs in Wallingford.

The attack happened Monday night on Dogwood Lane.

"Like normal, we let our dogs out to use the bathroom before we go to bed,” said Angie Martin, who said it was part of the usual night time routine for her family’s two chihuahuas, Chloe and Cody.

Around 10 p.m., she could hear the dogs cry for help.

"I hear one of them barking, so I quickly go to try and call them in and then I hear some screeching,” Martin said.

She said her two small dogs were being attacked by coyotes.

"I scream for my husband to come down, he runs outside and he sees a fairly large coyote, hovering over one of our chihuahuas,” Martin said.

That’s when she said her husband growled and lunged toward the coyote, causing it to take off back into the woods.

"We can’t locate one of our dogs, Cody, which is a small white chihuahua, we have a feeling it was a pack of coyotes that one grabbed him and ran off and the other was going after the other dog, and we just happened to get to her,” Martin said.

They rushed Chloe to the emergency vet where she died from her injuries.

The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said coyotes will attack pets, especially cats and dogs smaller than 25 pounds.

Wallingford’s animal control said coyotes are prevalent in the area and it is natural for them to seek out food. That’s why officials are reminding pet owns to not leave small dogs unattended outside or off a leash if there could be coyotes in the area.

Earlier this month a dog was attacked in Harwinton, and there were two incidents in New London.

"Everybody in this area and Connecticut, these animals are hungry, they have no place to go, so they're starting to go into residential areas, finding small domesticated animals as food. Obviously, they're not getting enough food, so make sure you keep your dogs and your cats and your small animals close ad keep an eye one them,” Martin said.

For more information about coyotes in Connecticut, click here.

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