BURLINGTON, CT (WFSB) -- A dog and a bear are dead after an attack in Burlington Monday afternoon.

According to the Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection, the bear attacked a dog at a home on Bradley Road at 2 p.m. on Monday.

Officials said it was a mother bear who was with three 4-month-old cubs.

After several hours of searching for the cubs, DEEP wildlife biologists were able to humanely capture the three bear cubs and bring them to a safe location.

DEEP said they have had success in relocating younger cubs.

According to state police, the homeowner told officers that when she let her two dogs out, one was immediately attacked and killed by the bear. 

Police said the back bear was found near the dog and it became aggressive towards one of the officers. 

The bear was euthanized by officers on scene. 

"I heard a guy yelling and then I heard like four gunshots," said Monica Jaskot, a neighbor. 

Neighbors said the mother bear has been terrorizing their homes for weeks. 

"I yelled at him and he stoop up, scratched the tree and was growling," said Craig Macdonald. 

While neighbors say it's sad two animals died, they were worried about their children being outside. 

"Our son comes out here and to him, they're a big teddy bear, so he wants to run over and play with it. God forbid I turn my back for a second," Jaskot said. 

DEEP officials want to remind residents to take precautions with the growing population of bears in Connecticut.

The latest statistics show Connecticut is home to 700 bears and the population is growing at a rate of 10 percent each year. 

Stay with Ch. 3 as more information becomes available.

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(5) comments


amazing all these people want to live out in the less populated areas but don't want to co exist with wildlife.. did she not check before letting out the dogs? also relocating what a joke read the DEEP site on Bears.. they said there is real no areas in CT to relocate them to... the habitat is shrinking because builders are taking any area they can to build cookie cutter communities when will a stop build be placed


This is awful that a mama bear was shot and killed first of all she probably thought the dog was attacking her little babies and she was being a good mom and killed it, with that said I know I would feel awful if happened to my dogs that is why I watch them closely when outside at all times and they are huge dogs over 100 lbs each. And the poor cubs are orphans now. There was no need to shot the mother bear she was protecting her cubs and yes she showed aggressive behavior but that is normal for a mother bear with cubs. you could have relocated the mother and the cubs. I am sick of these stories we are the ones that are crazy have to keep ruining the woods by cutting down and invading their territory. How dare we. I am sick of the land being ruined by all these developments looks awful. And there are so many empty building that can be remodeled and used and so many houses that can redone too no need to build build build more. There was a segment on TV news that all the trees being destroyed are giving off carbon dioxide which is bad for us and people don't think about that. We need the trees for oxygen. This is also why the pollution levels are rising cause the carbon dioxide and no trees. I am disgusted with DEP and what happened in this situation. And if you live in an area like Burlington, Avon, etc where bears are know and you don't like it then MOVE OUT!!!!!!!!!!! The bears and animals were their first.


Right on, with you 100%!


Another predator and a mother bear. Never bet against the mother bear. That's a good momma bear.


Bears kill dogs weekly in Avon. I guess it’s only news when the bear dies. 🙄

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