Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump sweeps all five states including Connecticut in the GOP primaries on Tuesday night.

The Associated Press said Trump won Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Rhode Island and Delaware on Tuesday. The win in Connecticut guarantees Trump at least 10 delegates, but he could win 15 more delegates.

Thank you Connecticut! #Trump2016— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 27, 2016

With a high voter turnout, Trump won Connecticut in a landslide. He won 60 percent of voters with 43 percent of precincts reporting.

"Many people looked at him as someone who is going to be focused on a solution, forget the rhetoric, and just focus on what matters most," Connecticut Republican Party Chairman J.R. Romano said. "And that's putting people back to work and getting our economy back on track which we here in Connecticut are sorely suffering from a poor economy."

Connecticut has a total of 28 GOP delegates with three of them super delegates.

With more than 50 percent of the vote, Trump automatically snagged 10 delegates in Connecticut. Three others are super delegates who will vote in July. The other 15 were split up evenly on Tuesday night between the five congressional districts, three a piece. Those votes are still getting worked out.

"I want everyone to know every vote will count in this election, because of what you said, it could mean delegate for one of the other candidates," Romano said.

Trump leads rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich on the Republican side. Cruz and Kasich supporters are banking on a contested convention. When they go to Cleveland in July, local officials said they'll back the nominee.

"We'll stand with who the convention picks. We believe the convention should pick the three people who are actually running," Republican Town Chairman Ray Ingraham said. "It's the fair thing to do."

Trump, Cruz and Kasich spent the last few days making a final push in the state. Trump held rallies in Waterbury and Bridgeport over the weekend.

Kasich visited Connecticut last Friday. Cruz did not visit the state, but opened a headquarters ahead of the state's primary.

Trump's Connecticut headquarters on the Berlin Turnpike is where the Republican presidential candidate's campaign held a private gathering. The media were not allowed in the event on Tuesday night.

Romano also released the following statement about the Republican turnout:

"Thank you to all who exercised your right to vote in our Republican Primary. I look forward to Cleveland, where our delegation will carry the voices of our statewide Republicans and represent what the people of Connecticut have said they want in their next president. We have seen heavy turnout, which is a tribute to the spirited contest in our party and a wave of new voters registering as Republicans to participate in the electoral process. For the first time in years, Connecticut has a real say in choosing our nominee. All eyes are on the Republican Primary because people realize the next president will be a Republican. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Dan Malloy all represent failure and the Republican candidates are dedicated to solving the many crises left behind after 8 years of a Democrat in the White House," Romano said in the statement on Tuesday. Connecticut's Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released a statement in response to Donald Trump's victory in the Connecticut GOP primary.

"Donald Trump's resounding victory in today's primary is surprising to no one, but it is yet another reminder of just how extreme Connecticut's Republican Party has become," said Chairman Balletto. "From Trump's win in the GOP's straw poll, to House Minority Leader Themis Klarides's full embrace of Trump, to tonight's primary results, it is clear that Donald Trump's hateful, divisive message is now squarely in the mainstream of the state GOP. While Trump's positions - punishing women for seeking abortions, banning entire religions from entering the country, and deporting 11 million immigrants - might sit well with the base of the Republican Party, they run counter to the views of the majority of Connecticut's general electorate. And GOP candidates in our state will have to answer for their standard-bearer's policy positions and rhetoric. Make no mistake, the Connecticut Republican Party is now officially the party of Trump," Balletto said in the statement on Tuesday.

See the unofficial primary election results here.

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