EAST HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Get ready for more snow.

The state is expecting a storm tomorrow and that means state crews are out preparing on Monday.

What's being done to make the roads safer?

The timing of this storm could be tricky because it could hit the state at rush hour Tuesday night.

That’s not a good time since there are more cars on the road, but the good news is that Tuesday is a state holiday.

It’s the calm before the storm and state crews are gearing up.

At the Department of Transportation garage in East Hartford, plows are being put on trucks.

There will be about 600 state trucks and some 200 private contractors ready to take on the roads on Tuesday.

They are filling up all the trucks with a sand mixture.

State trucks have already started pretreating the roads with salt and water mixture.

When the water dries the salt stays on the roads, helping them from freezing and preventing the snow from sticking.

“Once the storm starts tomorrow, we will start to dispatch crews geographically around the state to match the storm as it rolls in. We've got 50 DOT satellite facilities. This is where we keep all of our supplies and materials and trucks,” said Kevin Nursick, DOT Spokesman.

Last November, the timing was bad with some of the heaviest snow coming down during the evening commute.

Tuesday is a state holiday, Lincoln's birthday, which means most state workers will have the day off. Less traffic will help crews clear the roads.

Channel 3 reached out to some of the big employers, such as insurance companies.

Travelers says they have not made plans to stagger their workforce due to the storm, but they will let us know if that changes.

The governor is not planning to open the Emergency Operations Center at this time.

Public works crews were also preparing for Tuesday’s storm.

On Monday, line workers with Eversource responded to some areas where folks are worried about losing power.

“We enjoy doing it. We take great pride in what we do,” said Eversource Lineman Mark Longo.

The checks and repairs he did today could potentially make the difference in someone having power in their home during the snow and wintry mix expected on Tuesday.

“Being that there’s a snowstorm coming tomorrow, her line is kind of frayed and she’s a little concerned on the line itself and wants us to take a look at it because they’re afraid of course the power going out,” Longo said while one a job Monday.

At that particular spot, the power line will have to be replaced eventually, but at least through the next storm system the homeowner can rest easy.

“We do take a lot of pride. I enjoy doing it. I enjoy the excitement every day. I do, I love my job,” Longo said.

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