Shore Line East, the commuter train that runs through southern Connecticut, could have some serious cutbacks to service soon.

Shore Line East rail service stops at nine stations along the Connecticut coastline.

For business or for pleasure, passengers use these trains on a daily basis, but with the proposed cutbacks it could affect some more than others.

"We love to go into New York City and we go to Boston so it's an easy way to get to both places,” said Nann Cooke, of Westbrook.

"It's very convenient, I use it about every other week. Either to New York or from New York, so it's really been terrific,” said Steve Wood, of Waterford.

The Department of Transportation, which operates Shore Line East, is proposing to eliminate weekend trains entirely and cancel off-peak weekday service.

The DOT made the announcement last week, citing a $60 million budget shortfall for transit and rail accounts, about a week after Gov. Dannel Malloy canceled $4 billion in transportation projects.

Lawmakers from communities the train runs through have banded together to raise objections, and highlight the impact it could have on local businesses.

"In the summertime especially you look out on the platform on a Sunday and there are 75 people standing out there. If it's a beautiful day and everyone is at the beach those people are sometimes our business and that’s not just for us that's for the coffee shop next door, the Chinese place, the bar on the corner,” said Ted Kehayias, of Pizza Works.

The Department of Transportation says the proposed changes are subject to change and largely depend on lawmakers.

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