Drones bring selfies to new level

Drones are being used to take selfies now. (WFSB)

Drones are offering a new spin on the selfie.

Mini drones can be controlled with your smartphone

Billions of selfies are uploaded each year and more drones are being sold every day with more than a million sold at Christmas.

Professional photographer Eric Scire said he is always looking for the perfect shot, even when taking a picture for fun. Scire said he even uses a small drone to take his selfies.

"It's no longer just right in the face,” Scire said. “You get to see the whole scene."

A number of so-called "pocket drones" are already on the market with companies promising more models this year.

Scire said he can use his smartphone to fly one model, which can be set to fly automatically around an area while taking pictures or videos.

"Having something like this and the ease of access and the ease of use is just really groundbreaking,” Scire said.

Some of the drones can even track your every step, allowing them to take photos or videos as you move around.

"They'll use the GPS signal from your phone to track your movements,” Josh Goldman, who is a senior editor, said.

"The selfie game is gonna be 100 with this thing,” Scire said.

Pocket drones that weigh less than half-a-pound don't have to registered with the Federal Aviation Administration like larger drones do, which is another reason the high flying cams will likely catch on.

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