EASTON, CT (WFSB) – As the ongoing search for a missing New Canaan mother continues to move forward, it’s bringing back memories for one police department.

The Easton Police Department dealt with a similar case just a few years ago.

In 2015, police in Easton were dealing with the disappearance of Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin.

For Chief Tim Shaw, he says when you factor in small towns, smaller police departments, and a missing persons case, it’s easy to draw comparisons.

“Obviously, there are similarities with what happened with us,” Chief Shaw said.

Just four years ago, Chief Shaw and his department were at the center of the Navin case, which was considered a high-profile missing persons case that captivated CT and made headlines around the world.

Now, it’s nearby New Canaan that’s walking in those shoes as local and state investigators search for Jennifer Dulos, a missing mother of five.

“We needed to have the extra resources and in a small town, what you learn very quickly is as good as your officers are, when these cases come up, you need man power,” Chief Shaw said.

After the Navin couple disappeared back in August of 2015, investigators searched all over, from their son’s house in Bridgeport, to wooded areas, and even a landfill in the eastern part of the state.

“It makes it more difficult because you’re looking for the bodies every day. You’re looking for information, you’re getting leads, and you have to follow every lead, so obviously, that’s where the resources are needed,” Chief Shaw said.

The couple’s son, Kyle, was originally brought up on gun charges, but it wasn’t until late October when the bodies were found.

That November, police charged Kyle with murder and his girlfriend with conspiracy.

“It was about three months, so you feel for the family, five children involved, for us. You run every lead until it’s not a lead anymore and it points you in the direction you end up going,” Chief Shaw said.

It’s what police in the Dulos case have been doing for weeks.

They’ve been searching properties in New Canaan and Farmington, along with a trash facility in Hartford.

Right now, Jennifer’s estranged husband, Fotis, and his girlfriend Michelle, are charged with tampering with evidence. That’s because police said the duo are seen on surveillance video dumping garbage bags throughout Hartford.

Jennifer’s blood matched items found in those garbage bags.

“It’s unfortunate for the families and that’s the main reason why you do these cases, for the closure for the families,” Chief Shaw said.

Another connection the Dulos case has to the Easton case is defense attorney Norm Pattis played a role in defending Kyle’s girlfriend.

It was recently announced Pattis will be defending Fotis.

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