Earthquake in Italy triggers worries over travel plans

Aftermath of the earthquake in Italy (CBS News)

In the wake of the deadly earthquake, many are now wondering how this tragedy might impact tourism and travel plans.

Eyewitness News visited a local travel agency to find out how much the natural disaster has affected travel.

Hartford resident Nick Caito is leaving in a few days for his honeymoon in Italy.

"We decided we would go to Italy because it's gorgeous and it would make for a really good trip,” Caito said.

Caito was getting ready to visit Italy for the third time when he met Emily, who would later become his wife.

The pair wed back in May and they are heading to Europe for their honeymoon.

"I'm kinda hoping when we're there in ten days or so, everything settles down,” Caito said.

The location of Caito’s final leg of their journey is only a few hours away from where devastation struck.

Caito said he's thinking of those who lost so much so quickly, and now he's doing what he can to ensure they stay safe once there.

"We'll probably look up more information about where to go, what to do if we start to feel an earthquake,” Caito said.

Melissa Albright's mom started Wethersfield Travel a little more than 25 years ago. Italy has always been one of their most popular destinations.

"It's important to be prepared and you can take steps before you go,” Albright said.

Albright said a number of her clients are in Italy right now and others have plans to go.

As of Wednesday night, no one has called concerned about what's going on.

Albright said she’s urging people to carry important contact information with them, let family or friends know where they’ll be and register their trips with the state department.

"We used to recommend it for people going far and wide and now it's just a good idea,” Albright said.

In the event something does happen, state officials can check on you and make sure you’re okay.

Above all, Albright said it’s important to have fun and enjoy the trip.

"Vacations are meant to be looked forward to and not to be worried about,” Albright said.

Nick and Emily Caito said they’re going for the experience and won’t let the fear of a natural disaster their impending adventure.

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