East Catholic High School showing patriotism on the football field

Students at East Catholic High School are showing patriotism on the football field. (East Catholic High School)

At a time when patriotism and protest are coming to a head, some Connecticut high school students are taking a stand, and showing their personal pride on the football field.

East Catholic High School football players are hitting the field in Manchester, showing their respect for the National Anthem in a video, where they don't sing, they simply hold the words up to the camera over the music.

"The National Anthem is really important to America and people have been sitting or kneeling during the National Anthem and we just really wanted to show what we stand for,” said Jack Blanco, who is the co-founder for the school’s Media Club.

Two co-founders of the student-run club produced the video they consider a show of solidarity from East Catholic and the football team.

They released it at a time when Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers, and some other NFL players have been refusing to stand during the song in protest of what they call "racial inequality and oppression."

"I believe that it is utterly just a slap in the face to all the armed men and women out there fighting for us to have the freedoms we do here in America, and that's what it ultimately comes down to, having pride in America, the American Flag, freedom,” said football player Michael Soper.

"I think it's a little disrespectful. Our school tries to show values and take pride in what we do and take pride in our nation as well as our community,” said football player Marc Zazzaro.

The school community has received a big response from the video that's being viewed and shared across the country.

"Most of it's been positive. There’s of course a few that maybe won't agree with the views, but the majority have just said, ‘wow, what a great video, so professionally done.’ It really shows the values,” said Ben Ockert, Media Club co-founder.

Mobile users can watch the whole video here.

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