East Hartford Catholic School welcomes first lacrosse team

East Hartford Catholic School welcomes first lacrosse team (WFSB)

Practicing in the field behind St. Christopher School in East Hartford, the girls who make up the school’s very first lacrosse team are hard at work.

Channel 3 Sports Reporter Caroline Powers spoke with the team during practice to learn more about how the team is securing their spot.

One of the teammates, 14-year-old Bella Swan told Powers that she has always played basketball, but was intrigued when she learned a new sport – lacrosse, would be gearing up.

“It was new to me,” said Swan.

“I never really heard of it until I got the flyer in the mail. It's been fun. The first practice it was kind of hard, but the more practices you have you get used to it.”

The newly founded team consists of 15 girls whose ages range from 7 years old to 15 years old.

Coach Lori Kowal has been coaching lacrosse for 7 years, and she said when she saw there was a need for a lacrosse coaching position at St. Christopher Catholic School, she applied right away.

“To my knowledge, there is not a girl's lacrosse team in the area for a small private school. My daughter started coming here last year and I said, ‘why isn't there lacrosse,’ asked Kowal.

After gaining support from the Principal and the Connecticut Chapter of Lacrosse, Kowal wrote several grants and was able to secure the $6,000 to get the program up and running.

“Right down to the pennies and the cleats and just everything,” said Kowal.

“I think that the need, and people wanting the sport to grow, and really, just all of us have a passion for the sport.”

Last Wednesday was the team’s third practice. The East Catholic High School Girl’s lacrosse team there to help.

“I'm happy we're teaching all these young girls now how to play, lacrosse has taught me so many things besides the sport of it,” shared East Catholic senior, Olivia Parizeau.

“We're like family, and friendship aspects, so I'm glad we get to share that with them too.”

With so many of the girls at St. Christopher completing the 8th grade, the high school team said it is exciting to work with girls who could be their teammates next year.

“This is a nice time for them to see what the East Catholic players are doing and meeting the coach for East Catholic,” added Kowal.

Although the team does not have any games scheduled this season, they said they are appreciative of the support and hope to see the sport continue to grow.

“I like how I get to be in good shape, but I also get to experience a new sport and hopefully I get to do this in high school,” said Swan.

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