East Hartford man in Boston prison set to be deported soon

Domingo Ferreira is in custody at Suffolk County House of Corrections, but set to be deported from the country soon. (WFSB)

An East Hartford man was torn apart from his family for a crime he committed more than a decade ago.

Domingo Ferreira is in custody at the Suffolk County House of Corrections. Channel 3's Matthew Campbell spoke with Ferreira on Friday.

Ferreira said he is nervous and lonely, mostly because he now has a firm time frame as to when he'll be deported back to the Dominican Republic.

He said he was told Friday that his journey will start on Sunday.

"I'll go to New Jersey, stay there for like an hour. That's what they're telling me upstairs and then they'll send me to Louisiana where I'll stay there for a week and then they'll send me back to my country on the 20th," Ferreira said.

Eyewitness News captured the emotions as the sole caretaker of a family was torn away from his wife and children 9 days ago at the Federal Building in Hartford.

He's in Boston now, where he has three cellmates, gets in insulin for his diabetes and gets to explore the grounds several times a day.

But he looks forward to chats with his wife Diane the most.

"I just hope she'll be able to see me. I don't know when I'll be able to see her," Ferreira said.

While they talk daily, this interview will be the first time she will see his face in more than a week.

Ferreira, who had a green card and has legally been in the U.S. for 30 years is going to be deported because of a larceny he committed 12 years ago.

He was arrested after stealing a purse. Ferreira served time for the offense and has had a clean record ever since.

But Immigration and Customs Enforcement said that crime is considered felony and it's a deportable offense.

He wasn't deported when it happened and his family believes he was back on ICE's radar when someone stole his identity and committed crimes under it.

Now he's in prison, days away from being deported to the country he hasn't visited since he was 14 years old.

When he returns to the Dominican Republic, he won't have a job or family.

"I'm very scared about where I'm going to go and where I'm going to I've and how I'm going to get my medication," Ferreira said.

In the meantime, Domingo said his wife Diane has worked on the outside to try to get those answers.

He said the separation has been heartbreaking because it has also hurt his family.

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