BRISTOL, CT (WFSB) – Remote learning and hybrid schedules may help reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus, but they also come with downsides.

Students lose access to resources and parents have to scramble for childcare.

One Bristol business is looking to solve those problems.

Some services are offering tutors, but this one is different because students actually go to an office where they can engage with teachers, get extra help, and even work with classmates.

“I know that there is an educational gap that is just going to continue to grow, if the students aren’t getting extra services or distance learning,” said Rachel Haseltine.

Rachel Haseltine left teaching a year ago, but she realized many students were going to fall behind because of distance learning.

David Haberfield also saw this coming because of his own daughter’s struggles after Governor Ned Lamont closed school last spring.

“My daughter happens to be the perfect candidate for something like this,” Haberfield said.

Haseltine and Haberfield, both business owners, realized the potential for a new service, tutoring for students who are learning remotely.

Their tutoring has a different approach, which is providing office space where parents can bring their kids for the school day.

It’s a huge help for those parents who are still working from home.

Bristol Education LLC. has a teacher, special education teacher, and social worker on staff. They also have a camp license and can take up to 16 kids at a time, which means classmates can work together.

“When I was a teacher, I found that students really learning from each other so, that’s something that we’re hoping for here as well,” Haseltine said.

Haseltine says her camp also has classes focused on the arts and socialization to add to the online classes.

The camp started on Monday and has five students, but other parents have expressed interest.

The camp is only open to Bristol students. Haseltine says they don’t want to keep it to just one district, but they are looking to open camps in other towns.

A camp in Plainville could open this month and another could soon pop up in towns like West Hartford, Avon, and Middletown. 


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