Ellington community rallies to help family who lost son to brain tumor

The Ellington community is rallying behind a local family and raising big money to honor this little boy. (WFSB)

The community of Ellington is rallying behind a local family that is trying to keep their son’s memory alive.

Sarah Poulin’s mission is to honor her son Jacob.

“Having this project to work on in honor of Jacob has definitely given us a positive outlet to focus on and to put all of our energy towards,” Poulin said.

The community is helping them raise tens of thousands of dollars to build a memorial ice rink and playground.

“It will be nice to come to a happy place to think of it and remember him,” Poulin said.

Jacob Poulin loved playing hockey. However, in 2016, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

“I really had no concept of that whole world, of having a sick kid, especially with cancer,” Poulin said. “And how ugly of a battle it is.”

Jacob Poulin died of brain cancer in October of last year. He was five years old.

Sarah Poulin and her husband are now working with the Town of Ellington and planning to build an outdoor public hockey rink at the Pinney Street Fields.

“He taught us so much with just how to love in like the hardest circumstances,” Poulin said.

Eventually, they would also like to build an American Ninja-Warrior style playground on the site.

They estimate it will cost about $70,000 to build that outdoor rink and upwards of $300,000 for the playground. So far the community support has helped them raise about $40,000. They say everything will be paid for through donations.

Plans for the outdoor rink are moving ahead, and their goal is to open it on October 1.

“That’s the day we lost Jacob, but it would also be the day that we created something good out of it too,” Poulin said.

The family has setup the Jacob Roger Poulin Foundation. To donate, click here.

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