VERNON, CT (WFSB) - A man from Ellington accused of killing his wife was back in court on Thursday.

Richard Dabate murdered his wife Connie Dabate back in 2015, according to police.

The case made national headlines after information collected from a Fitbit fitness tracker was used as evidence.

If convicted, Dabate could face more than 65 years in prison.

On Thursday, his legal team asked for a change in courthouses ahead of the upcoming trial, saying they want it to be fair for their client.

The judge said they have to make the request by next Tuesday.

Another development in court on Thursday was the judge approving the defendant's request to convert part of his real estate bond to a surety bond.

Years ago, he put up multiple pieces of real estate to make his $1 million bond after he was arrested in 2017.

That real estate included his Ellington home.

Now, he wants to take his home off the table, $260,000, and pay a bail bondsman.

The attorney for the mortgage company is also looking to start the foreclosure process, so the court gave them permission to do that.

Dabate is expected back in court on Wednesday.

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Read the 50+ page arrest warrant. There's more questions than answers. Lots of circumstantial assumptions and I'm fairly certain he'll get off if the jury is logical and sticks to the rule of law.


So much for that "speedy trial" thing we have here in America.

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