EMS departments report issues registering with DMV

Some emergency service departments are having issues registering with the DMV (WFSB)

Emergency service departments across the state say they’re having issues with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

In Marlborough, Mark Merritt says it has been a nightmare trying to figure out if their ambulance is registered with the DMV.

“So you send your registration in, you send all your paperwork in which you have 2 or 3 different things you have to go through with OEMS and inspections and everything to get that done and you sent it all in and you don’t hear anything and you would have no way of knowing,” said Merritt, who is the rescue captain for the Marlborough Fire Dept.

This week, the Office of Emergency Medical Services sent a letter to ambulance service providers across Connecticut, telling them to check their registration.

The letter said: “If your vehicle registration status displays any result other than “active”, or if a “no results found” window pops up, the vehicle should be taken out of service, and immediately notify OEMS special investigator.”

A spokesperson with the OEMS said they discovered a discrepancy with the DMV and an ambulance service and wanted to make sure all ambulances in the state were registered. If not, it would be a liability and violation.

It turns out, Marlborough isn’t the only agency dealing with this issue.

Channel 3 learned several agencies were notified that their vehicles may not be registered with the DMV.

First responders say what’s most concerning is it leaves a community vulnerable.

“To not be able to do what you’re supposed to do when people you know in town are calling 911 because of something motor vehicle made a mistake no is beyond frustrating,” Merritt said.

In fact, the town of Bozrah’s ambulance is out of service. The chief says mutual aid will cover transport calls.

The chief says first responders went to the DMV on Friday and hope to have it resolved by Saturday.

Channel 3 reached out to the DMV, who said the department reviewed ambulance registrations and properly sent renewal notices more than a month in advance, saying “We did not find any in which the DMV failed to register properly. However, we found that a majority had current registrations, with most registered in the last several days. Those that were not registered need additional information as required by state law and was not submitted with the renewal. We advise all motor vehicles owners remain aware of their renewal dates and accompanying information, if necessary, needed.”

“Somebody dropped the ball along the way,” Merritt said.

The DMV maintains that they are not at fault for any issues with registration with the emergency vehicles.

Channel 3 is continuing to work with the DMV to determine the specifics regarding the registration of emergency response vehicles in Bozrah.

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