Enfield mother concerned about kindergartener walking to school

A mother in Enfield said she fears for her daughter's safety after learning her 4-year-old will have to walk to and from school. (WFSB)

A mother in Enfield said she fears for her daughter's safety after learning her 4-year-old will have to walk to and from school.

Lindsey Bruce said she thought her child would be able to take the bus, but found out weeks before school starts that’s no longer the case.

"We have three weeks until school and I have no idea how she's getting to and from school,” Bruce said.

When Bruce signed her daughter up for kindergarten, she was told her 4-year-old would be able to take the bus, just like her oldest daughter did a few years ago.

"The bus stop is on the corner of my front yard,” Bruce said. “She was bussed to school and then bussed in the afternoon."

Then, Bruce learned her daughter doesn’t qualify for the bus because they live a half mile away from her school.

"They said, oh wait,” Bruce said. “She can't take the bus. She's a walker. And, that's the first I had heard of it."

Both Bruce and her husband work during the day, which makes pick up and drop of times difficult.

Bruce said she’s now worried about her daughter’s safety and added her little girl will have to walk in spots where there are no sidewalks. The route is along a busy stretch of Route 5 and, through congestion near Enfield Street School.

"And I'm not comfortable with that,” Bruce said.

Bruce is now bringing her concerns straight to school administrators. She said she plans on attending the upcoming board of education meeting to address her concerns.

Bruce said she has spoken to the Superintendent of Enfield Public Schools Dr. Jeffrey Schumann, who said back in the fall of 2013, kindergarten became a full day, which got rid of the afternoon bus for these young kids.

Under the current transportation policy, students who live within a mile of school walk, and anyone further than that will be bused to school.

"The buses in town are not at full capacity,” Bruce said.

Schumann said one option, which many other families have taken advantage of, is to have her other daughter get off her bus and walk with her younger sister home.

But, Bruce said that’s not enough. She wants to change the policy, so no kindergartner, no matter where they live, has to walk alone.

"I'm hoping to change it not only for her but also all of the kids in town,” Bruce said.

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